IRON MAN and why you shouldn’t trust my opinion

Spoiler free. I may be the only person not going ga-ga over IRON MAN. Perhaps it’s simply another case of seeing a film after hearing too much hype. It also may be the simple case of not being the film’s best audience. Unlike many I know, I was never into comics. I had a few,Continue reading “IRON MAN and why you shouldn’t trust my opinion”

Coppola’s YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH: One More From The Heart

Spoiler free. In today’s American cinema, it’s rare to see a film unafraid to revel in its moments of ambiguity; to see a film that feels more like a novel, yet still uses the visual medium with the greatest love and understanding. Francis Ford Coppola’s YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH seems to have garnered the worldwide firstContinue reading “Coppola’s YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH: One More From The Heart”

Spreading The Plague: The Perfect Hollywood Ending

  Act 1: My writing partner, Teal Minton, and I decide we want to make a horror film. In our opinion, most of the great horror films had been done years ago and almost all of them dealt with fears that existed in society; fears that still resonate today on a very primal level: theContinue reading “Spreading The Plague: The Perfect Hollywood Ending”

Dark Star Orchestra – Next best thing to the Dead?

I never much liked the idea of tribute bands. Even as a kid I went to see Beatlemania and, though the music was great, I still felt gypped that it wasn’t, well, the Beatles! Seeing Dark Star Orchestra -a Grateful Dead tribute band- was a very similar experience. I had a great time. And itContinue reading “Dark Star Orchestra – Next best thing to the Dead?”

Favorite Films Of 2007

I won’t limit myself to only 10 films from 2007. Instead, I’ll list all my favorites. And I won’t be calling them “The Best” as that’s simply impossible for me to judge. What I’m far more capable (and comfortable) deciding on are what films I most liked, was most effected by, moved by, haunted by,Continue reading “Favorite Films Of 2007”