Clive Barker’s Karma?

Clive\'s KarmaClive Barker, the famous author, filmmaker and painter’s second film as producer after THE PLAGUE under his Midnight Picture Show banner, is getting a VERY limited theatrical release before heading straight to DVD.

Fansite reports:

“Lionsgate is planning a limited 100 theater run of the Clive Barker adaptation on August 1st.

“This move fulfills Lionsgate’s contractual obligation with production entity Lakeshore to give it some sort of theatrical run. The plan is to subsequently release Meat Train quickly down the line   (October?) for a DVD release.”

Here’s where the karma part steps in. Clive and his producing partner, Jorge Saralegui, were largely responsible for having the creative team removed from THE PLAGUE in post production. THE PLAGUE was based on an original screenplay and not on any Barker material. I should know. I was both the writer and director of THE PLAGUE (along with my writing partner, Teal Minton). After we struggled for eight years to get the film made, Barker and Saralegui kept us out of the editing room once our contracts expired and re-cut the film from scratch into exactly the kind of film we were making THE PLAGUE in opposition to. And for their efforts, THE PLAGUE (misleadingly retitled CLIVE BARKER’S THE PLAGUE) was released straight to DVD and became, in many fans’ opinions, an embarrassment for Clive’s new Midnight Picture Show label. Not a great introduction, to say the least. Now that Clive’s second film under his new banner is also going quickly to DVD, he’s decided to start a grassroots campaign to get the film a wider theatrical release! Sound familiar? 

Enter a website called; a site dedicated to getting THE PLAGUE: WRITERS & DIRECTOR’S CUT released. This cut of the film is completely different from Clive’s frame-one re-cut. It is supported by the filmmakers, cast and crew, as well as noted film authors, journalists, film historians and Mr. Bill Butler, the magnificent DP of such films as JAWS, THE CONVERSATION, and FRAILTY (Mr. Butler was not invited by the producers to color-time his own work on THE PLAGUE). Is it possible that Clive’s name above the title and involvement in a film is, in fact, the very reason these films turn out the way they do? 

Perhaps taking a closer look at Clive’s producing team, their past histories and reputations, might reveal something of importance and begin to answer this question.

In the meantime, please consider helping to support THE PLAGUE: WRITERS & DIRECTOR’S CUT (and Clive’s karma) by going to to learn all about what happened on THE PLAGUE and to sign our petition (1235 signatures and counting). This is the cut of the film I’m guessing Clive and his people would prefer you never saw:

Who knows? Maybe all of Clive’s films will have grassroots campaigns to fight the powers that be. You go, Clive!

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