Thank you again, Dee Wallace

Seems like today’s quite a PLAGUE day (check out my earlier post CLIVE BARKER’S KARMA? below). 

Actress Dee Wallace was interviewed on the MOVIE GEEKS UNITED! radio show last night and was asked about THE PLAGUE (aka CLIVE BARKER’S THE PLAGUE), a film she was almost entirely cut out of in the released version. As always, Dee was eloquent and kind and spoke truthfully from her heart. And it is a wonderful and very big heart, indeed. 

As the writer and director of the film and the head of the campaign to get the proper cut seen (that cut being known as THE PLAGUE: WRITERS & DIRECTOR’S CUT), I am always thankful to hear the film talked about in a public forum as my desire to see our cut released  – and with it, Dee’s very powerful and moving performance –  never wanes. Thanks also to the guys over at Movie Geeks United! for their ongoing support and for bringing us so many great shows. 

Check it out:

Thank you again, Dee Wallace

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