PLAGUE campaign steps up a notch!


Hi everyone.

I’m encouraging anyone who would like to see THE PLAGUE: WRITERS & DIRECTOR’S CUT released to DVD to not only sign our petition, but to e-mail, write, call or fax Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and let them know your thoughts and desires. And, as always, I ask that you do this with the utmost respect and consideration for the people you contact. Do NOT bombard them with e-mails or harass. 

Respect and consideration at all times.

If there’s a big enough audience (and we already know there is!), the film will get released. Thanks again for all the incredible support!

 I ask that your e-mails or phone messages be polite and to the point. Here’s an example (feel free to put it in your own words and show your own personal passion in seeing THE PLAGUE: WRITERS & DIRECTOR’S CUT released):



I am writing to ask you to release THE PLAGUE: WRITERS & DIRECTOR’S CUT to DVD and Blu-Ray. The film, written by Hal Masonberg and Teal Minton and directed by Masonberg, was dramatically re-cut by the film’s producers and released as CLIVE BARKER’S THE PLAGUE, though it was not based on any Clive Barker material. 

The producers’ cut of the film has all but run its course. But a grassroots campaign to get the Writers & Director’s cut of the film released (a campaign supported by the film’s cast & crew, as well as film journalists, authors, historians and fans) is well under way with a petition climbing quickly in signatures on a daily basis, a documentary titled SPREADING THE PLAGUE talking openly about what happened on this film and why the cast and crew want the director’s cut released, and a wealth of information about the background and history of this film. 

You can visit that site here:

And view the petition here:

There was also a three-page article on THE PLAGUE: WRITERS & DIRECTOR’S CUT in a recent issue of MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE (the #1 top-selling Indy film mag in the world). 

Please take this request under advisement as there is a large, passionate audience of fans eager to see THE PLAGUE: WRITERS & DIRECTOR’S CUT released. 

I am one of them. 

And keep in mind, releasing this cut will also allow you to financially reinvigorate a film you already own. 

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Your Name Here

I thank you in advance for your support of me, this film and our campaign. It’s been a long road (10 years and counting!), but we’re getting close. 

Thanks again, 

Hal Masonberg


PLAGUE campaign steps up a notch!

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