Liquid Lake Confirmed On Titan

  Scientists have confirmed that Saturn’s moon, Titan, does indeed have a giant lake containing liquid. According to  “This is the first observation that really pins down that Titan has a surface lake filled with liquid,” said lead researcher Robert Brown of the University of Arizona‘s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Tucson. Called Ontario Lacus [because itContinue reading “Liquid Lake Confirmed On Titan”

DeSisto, Old Friends, & The Angry Mob Mentality Of Chat Rooms & Forums

I was recently contacted by an old friend from High School. I should mention here that I’m not in touch with anyone from those youthful days and haven’t been for a very long time. You see, I didn’t go to High School in my home town so there’s never been anyone to fill me inContinue reading “DeSisto, Old Friends, & The Angry Mob Mentality Of Chat Rooms & Forums”

CASSANDRA’S DREAM & Woody Allen’s Unnoticed Heyday

Woody Allen‘s most recent release, CASSANDRA’S DREAM hit American movie theaters this past January on a mere 107 screens. To put that into perspective, it opened against CLOVERFIELD, which opened on 3,411 screens and 27 DRESSES which opened on 3,057. CLOVERFIELD ran for 12 weeks. 27 DRESSES for 19. CASSANDRA’S DREAM, 5.  Woody Allen’s secondContinue reading “CASSANDRA’S DREAM & Woody Allen’s Unnoticed Heyday”

Smilin’ Through The Blues: When Jerry’s On, The Whole World Shines

I started listening to the Grateful Dead sometime in the mid-seventies and saw them live for the first time in the fall of 1979. I saw some amazing shows, had moments of transcendent bliss, and came to understand the pure unadulterated energy of live music when played from deep within the soul. There are aContinue reading “Smilin’ Through The Blues: When Jerry’s On, The Whole World Shines”

Dog Heaven: Huntington Dog Beach & The Saving Of An American Dream

There are certain images that for me are just, well… American. One of them is the image of dogs playing on a beach. From catching frisbees to pulling on the bathing suit of the Coppertone Girl. But like that Coppertone ad, those images have faded into obscurity, no longer part of America as it existsContinue reading “Dog Heaven: Huntington Dog Beach & The Saving Of An American Dream”

A Trip To The Movies – THE WACKNESS, HELLBOY II & The Theaters We See Them In

There was a time when my favorite way to spend a weekend or a day or night off was going to the movies. Though my love of film has in no way diminished, my love of the theater-going experience has. I still believe there is no better way to see a film than projected inContinue reading “A Trip To The Movies – THE WACKNESS, HELLBOY II & The Theaters We See Them In”

Danny Strong Lands Well-Deserved Emmy Nom!

Writer/Actor Danny Strong has been nominated for his brilliant script about the 2000 Gore/Bush election debacle which was made into the captivating (and often appropriately frustrating) HBO film RECOUNT. I will say right now, in no uncertain terms, that RECOUNT was the single best experience I’ve ever had reading a script. Though fully aware ofContinue reading “Danny Strong Lands Well-Deserved Emmy Nom!”

The CLEAN Blog

I’ve decided to start writing about my journey getting my next feature film, CLEAN, made. I will try to add to this story as new events unfold. It may be a bit slow at first, but hopefully as things begin to come together, I’ll have more to share.  The story so far… My production company,Continue reading “The CLEAN Blog”

George W. Bush Fucks The World

It’s truly amazing to me that this great country has become host to one of the biggest global criminals. The mere fact that he is still in office is something to be ashamed of and, I believe, history will hold the American people accountable. How is it even possible that this man still maintains power? Continue reading “George W. Bush Fucks The World”