Reflections On A Failed Bailout

Fascinating bit of blame being tossed around for today’s failure of the House of Representatives to pass the bailout measure. Prominent GOP strategist, Ed Rollins, had this to say: “To a certain extent, I think John [McCain] gets hurt by this. He obviously, at the end of the day, said he was for it. But more importantContinue reading “Reflections On A Failed Bailout”

Erasing Clouds Compares two PLAGUES

The web site Erasing Clouds describes itself as collected scribblings on music, film and other obsessions. It’s a fascinating site full of articulate reviews and cogent thoughts and I highly recommend a visit. Writer J.D. Lafrance wrote an article for his segment Cinematic Pleasures about my film THE PLAGUE. Lafrance not only discusses the troubled historyContinue reading “Erasing Clouds Compares two PLAGUES”

Do Veterans Actually Believe John McCain Will Take Care Of Them?

Recently I wrote about Sydney Schanberg’s article in THE NATION suggesting that John McCain sponsored and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about POWs left behind in Vietnam buried as classified documents. Last night, during the debate, John McCain made this comment: “I know the veterans, IContinue reading “Do Veterans Actually Believe John McCain Will Take Care Of Them?”

Farewell, Mr. Newman

Paul Newman passed away yesterday at his home in Connecticut. He was 83. Newman always fought against his “pretty boy” image, taking roles that often worked against type. He became the ultimate anti-hero in films like COOL HAND LUKE, THE HUSTLER and BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. But one of my favorite Newman roles was thatContinue reading “Farewell, Mr. Newman”

And The First Debate Comes To A Close…

So how does one figure out who won? Well, from what I can tell, most of the pundits are declaring this a tie with Obama having the upper hand since he was the frontrunner and McCain needed to knock him off his seat. He did not. That means Obama didn’t lose ground. That means McCainContinue reading “And The First Debate Comes To A Close…”

Who Else Can McCain Alienate? Today, David Letterman, Tomorrow…

John McCain has managed to alienate much of the American media. And if we’re lucky, perhaps even some Republicans. Today, he cancelled his appearance on the David Letterman Show at the last minute which, well, gave Mr. Letterman some unplanned opportunities to fill the sudden gap in his show with a whole lot of talkContinue reading “Who Else Can McCain Alienate? Today, David Letterman, Tomorrow…”

McCain’s Distraction: Slipping Candidate Calls “Time Out”

McCain has slipped in the polls. The economic disaster that began in America and is now trickling down throughout the rest of the world has put him in a spotlight he’d rather not be in. Why? Simply put, McCain’s policies are the same ones that got us where we are today. What else? Well, McCainContinue reading “McCain’s Distraction: Slipping Candidate Calls “Time Out””

Honoring Danny Strong & RECOUNT

RECOUNT is still the most engaging script I’ve ever read. Danny Strong‘s research and talent paid off in his telling of a story every viewer already knew the outcome of. And yet, in the telling of that story, Strong made you believe the Democrats might win. That it was actually possible. And, for a time,Continue reading “Honoring Danny Strong & RECOUNT”

Schanberg, McCain & The POW Coverup

I’m not sure what to make of this. If true, it’s disturbing news indeed. Sydney Schanberg recently wrote an article for The Nation which very strongly suggests that John McCain is and has been highly involved in a coverup involving hundreds of American POWs who were knowingly left behind in Vietnam. For those not familiarContinue reading “Schanberg, McCain & The POW Coverup”