Democrats Find Their Balls!

Democrats have a recent history of playing it safe. They try not to get upset, they try to appear calm and “reasonable”… But what’s happening in this country–and make no mistake, the Democrats’ passivity is partly to blame–requires an appropriate emotional response. And that emotional response is anger. What the Bush Administration has done to this country and to the American Constitution is vile. What McCain is now doing is just as dangerous and just as damaging. I’d add Sarah Palin to the mix, but she’s as ridiculous as Dan Quayle was and her interview tonight with Charlie Gibson was all the proof anyone should need of that. No, this is about McCain. He chose to allow her to be the VP nom. He put politics before country. He put personal gain before country. And now with his repugnant ads against Obama, with their outright lies and shameless smearing… Hell, even some Republicans are finding themselves disgusted. You know when Bill O’Reilly starts standing up for Obama, something major is happening! Nico Pitney at the Huffington Post reports:

Bill O’Reilly led off tonight’s episode of The Factor with a pointed critique of the latest small-minded content of the news cycle, criticizing the McCain campaign both in terms of character and tactics, slagging the media for pressing the story senselessly, and largely absolving Obama…

Finally people are starting to find the balls needed to stand up and say, “NO MORE!” Check out this “it’s about time” moment shown on MSNBC this afternoon when Democratic Strategist Ari Melber lays into Republican Strategist Brad Blakeman and is backed by the MSNBC Jed Report anchor. What’s scary about this is watching how desperately Mr. Blakeman holds onto his lies when openly called on them, and his overt, blatant willingness to try and deceive Americans. 

You thought that was good? Take a listen to Sen. Joe Biden let loose on Republicans during a Senate debate over the bill that would have required George W. Bush to withdraw U.S. troops within one year. Biden’s been called a blow-hard and a loud-mouth in the past, but it’s more likely those are descriptions used to describe someone so disgusted with the lies and incompetence and the high price paid for those that he no longer feels it appropriate to call it anything other than what it is. And the best part, Biden gets the floor just after McCain!

Democrats Find Their Balls!

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