Honoring Danny Strong & RECOUNT

Danny Strong
Danny Strong

RECOUNT is still the most engaging script I’ve ever read. Danny Strong‘s research and talent paid off in his telling of a story every viewer already knew the outcome of. And yet, in the telling of that story, Strong made you believe the Democrats might win. That it was actually possible. And, for a time, it was.

I had the pleasure of reading Danny’s script long before it was made into a film. And I can tell you right now that everything that made it a great film was right there on the page. And more. Tonight Danny didn’t win the Emmy for best writer (it went to Kirk Ellis for JOHN ADAMS), but I want to honor him here and now for telling a story that needed to be told at a time when we need to be reminded. And for doing such a damn good job of it. And congratulations to HBO, director Jay Roach, producer Paula Weinstein and all the other talents attached to this project who recognized both its importance and the power of the script that continues to be the film’s backbone. 

I look forward to more scripts and more films from Danny Strong. The Academy may not have given him an Emmy, but no one can take away what he has given us.

Honoring Danny Strong & RECOUNT

8 thoughts on “Honoring Danny Strong & RECOUNT

  1. Karl Holzheimer says:

    Here, here! JOHN ADAMS was a worthy project, based upon an incredibly literate and well-researched book. The mini-series receives from me an “A” for effort and a “C” in actual execution. Strong’s script for RECOUNT accomplished all that JOHN ADAMS tried to accomplish but failed to do and more. It was a visceral you-are-there telling of a story that we already knew the final outcome of. I was so engaged in the characters and story of Strong’s script! I’m glad that it won an Emmy for best made-for-TV-movie, and disappointed that it lost to JOHN ADAMS for writing. It is unfair that RECOUNT was not in competition with JOHN ADAMS for best production, but was in competition for best script. Also, sorry, but Paul Giamatti possibly could have received Best Actor For A Role Incredibly Miscast, but to beat out Kevin Spacey or Tom Wilkinson as Best Actor is a travesty.

  2. Melissa says:

    Bravo, Bravo. David and I loved your film. You inspired us to think, question, debate and educate ourselves even more on such an important moment in our nation’s history.

    PS Soooo great to see you last night. This is only the beginning of years of much deserved accolades (and AWARDS!)!

  3. Mia Taylor says:

    I didn’t watch the Emmys and I don’t care who won. RECOUNT was great. Who would have thought a movie about counting could be so gripping. It was farce with a subtext of tragedy when you think of every minute since. JOHN ADAMS, if that’s what won, was like slogging through oatmeal, except for the Jefferson parts. I only watched it because I’m Canadian and wanted to bone up on my US history. I learned that the fathers of independence were mostly awesome British actors. I will watch whatever Danny Strong writes next and I am truly bummed that F/X stopped running Buffy at 4AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

  4. Margie & Stan says:

    We were so engrossed in Recount when we watched it, hoping for a different ending–the time went by so quickly. It was an amazing recounting of what went on in West Palm Beach where we live; we were actually ashamed of the outcome. Every minute of the story was involving and we congratulate Danny for a wonderful job. Looking forward to more great scripts. We were especially excited because we met Danny while we visited Hal. Bravo

  5. Randy Kennedy says:

    He’s a smart guy that Danny Strong.

    History will one day judge our society when examining what went down in November of 2000. They’ll no doubt include RECOUNT as an important piece of the cultural puzzle, dimpled chads and all. I am convinced of this.

    The question is: Will the historians view RECOUNT as a brilliant dramatic accounting of what went wrong—released as the American people began awaking from an eight-year nightmare—or as an unheeded “midpoint reality check” broadcast through the darkness to a nation gone insane?

    My fingers are crossed–and my money’s on the wake-up call.

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