Even Big Directors Get The Blues

Remember that childhood passion you had for telling stories? The reason you wanted to be a filmmaker in the first place? Well, Hollywood sure doesn’t! Anne Thompson‘s Variety article “No ‘Action!’ for Hollywood vets“, spells out just how difficult it is to tell those stories in Hollywood. Even by our most admired directors who are now slowly returning to their indy roots to get their films made. Of course, this means giving up that hefty paycheck. But for some filmmakers, that’s a trade ultimately worthwhile. It is also exactly the same reason I’m putting together my second feature, CLEAN, in England and not here in Hollywood. After my experience making THE PLAGUE, I learned that this is a town where a director needs to focus more on the quick paycheck and less on his or her storytelling passion. In other words, you wanna make a good film? Get outta Dodge.

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