Jewish Americans For Barack Obama

There is a fear among Jews that Barack Obama might somehow choose, if elected president, NOT to be a friend to Israel. I wrote about this fear in an earlier entry, Israel’s Bush Warriors. I have since heard it repeated by Jewish acquaintances as well as orthodox neighbors and even one local Rabbi. It disturbs me greatly as it seems to come from a place of profound misunderstanding of the man, the office of the Presidency, and the spreading of illegitimate rumors. It is shameful and disappointing. To not vote for Barack Obama for differing political ideologies is one thing, to not vote for Barack Obama because you believe he is not a friend to Jews or Israel, is to truly do an injustice to yourself, your country, Israel, and Jews the world over. 

Here is a video of Jewish Americans for Obama discussing how Barack has spent his career working for the values important to the Jewish community:

Jewish Americans For Barack Obama

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