The Embarrassment Of John McCain

Less than 24 hours after the debate, John McCain shows us exactly what he has become: a man so desperate, he can not be trusted or believed. What balls it takes to go on national TV, accuse your opponent of dirty campaigning and negative ads, while most members of the press AND members of your own party believe you yourself have taken negative campaigning to new lows in American politics. Then to play “hurt” and “shocked” that someone compared you to an ugly time in American History, while your campaign is wildly proclaiming your opponent “palls around with terrorists.”  Then–here’s where it REALLY starts to show McCain’s true colors–you say you don’t care about a “washed-up terrorist”, you are slammed down by Barack Obama who explains nationally his “association” with Bill Ayers, and then in less than 24 hours, your campaign is robocalling people in Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, West Virginia, Maine, Georgia and Minnesota telling people that they “need to know that Barack Obama has worked closely with domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, whose organization bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, a judge’s home, and killed Americans. Democrats will enact an extreme leftist agenda if they take control of Washington”.

Wow. Your campaign has become a sickness, Mr. McCain. You do not appear to have any pride left. Any decency. Not any more. It seems the maverick has sold his soul to the devil. And for what? Public embarrassment? Humiliation? Becoming the poster-boy for inappropriate behavior and all that is despicable in American politics?

Here’s audio of the call. And SHAME ON YOU, Mr. McCain. You embarrass us all:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It should also be noted that it is very likely this calling campaign may actually be in violation of Minnesota State Law. As Shaun Dakin, CEO & Founder of the National Political Do Not Contact Registry, explains:

“Most robocalls are supposed to have two things, “paid for by X” and a phone number of the group making the call. Most do that. Now, that being said, there are some states that have their own robocall laws and they are much stricter. Minnesota pretty much bans robocalls entirely unless they are introduced by a human voice. And that pretty much never happens because it defeats the point.”

Addendum: It looks like the robocalling firm McCain is using here is the St. Paul-based firm FLS-Connect, run by prominent GOP figure Jeff Larson. This is the same firm that helped George W. Bush smear John McCain in the 2000 election during the now-famous South Carolina primary. McCain, at the time, spoke out against robocalling and termed them “hate calls.” 

The Embarrassment Of John McCain

2 thoughts on “The Embarrassment Of John McCain

  1. Sarah MacMillin says:

    Holy shit, Hal. My only fear now after Obama wins is what these crazy people will start to plan in revenge. Can you imagine? They are doing all this in the open, and with no shame. Imagine how dangerous they are?

  2. halmasonberg says:

    Yeah, it’s remarkable to watch. And very scary. Nothing seems to be off-limits. If I didn’t dislike him so much, I would feel sorry for John McCain who, after a long career, single-handedly destroys both his reputation and his one chance at the presidency. It’s always hard to watch someone give up their own beliefs in pursuit of a goal. But it shows exactly why he should never be president. This is a man who is willing to sell himself. Imagine what he’d do to us.

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