Interviews With McCain / Palin Supporters

This video is scary. In part because it’s from the Al Jezeera Network and obviously meant to show how misguided Americans can be, but also because, well… it shows just how misguided Americans can be:

It should be noted that the one Obama supporter is shown as peaceful and rational. Guess we know who Al Jezeera would like to see win the election! Not sure that really works in Obama’s favor as it could just add fuel to the theory that Obama is an Arab-supporting terrorist… But hey, maybe it’ll help give him a running start when it comes time to start talks with Arab nations. 

Now one more thing… Imagine for a second that the images we saw of people living in Arab countries–what the news and other media put out there–represented their countries as these people do ours. While the above interviews do represent a portion of American society, it is, thankfully, not the majority and certainly not anywhere near a clear indication of America and Americans as a whole. BUT… If that’s what you were shown… Even I would believe America and Americans to be extremely dangerous. So the next time someone tries to tell you what people in Arab countries are like, who they are, how they think, what they say… Remember this video.

Interviews With McCain / Palin Supporters

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