West’s Interview of Biden: An Embarrassment Of Incompetence


Barbara West
Barbara West

Florida WFTV anchor Barbara West interviewed Sen. Joe Biden last Thursday and Sen. John McCain back on October 14th. Comparing these two interviews, it seems pretty clear exactly who West is biased toward. But Sen. Biden is quick to put her in her place and point out the absurdity of her questions, which really boil down to John McCain’s talking points.

As for McCain, West seems to make sure her questions to him aren’t too accusatory or critical. AND they seem to address Mr. McCain’s talking points as well. What’s interesting is listening to conservative bloggers who seem to think West’s interview with Biden was “hard-hitting” and that she asked the questions “America wants to know about.” and that Joe Biden was “angered by tough questions” and had a “meltdown.” But perspective is everything. From where I stand, West’s questions were absurd and clearly meant to continue the spread of John McCain and Sarah Palin’s downright offensive accusations against Barack Obama. And Joe Biden, again from where I stand, called her out on her unprofessionalism. There are “tough questions” and then there is pablum. I certainly hope that the majority of Americans find Ms. West’s “reporting skills” to be more of an embarrassment of incompetence, rather than an example of skillful media professionalism. Comparing Sen. Obama to Karl Marx does not fall under my definition of responsible or proficient, but instead, disreputable and amateurish. 

To see Barbara West’s interview with John McCain, go HERE.

West’s Interview of Biden: An Embarrassment Of Incompetence

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