Danny Strong Gets Well-Deserved WGA Nom For RECOUNT

169x600timeinrecountopen3Let’s see… At the Emmy’s, Danny Strong’s RECOUNT won most of the night’s big awards. However, Danny Strong lost the writing award to Kirk Ellis for JOHN ADAMS. But let’s take a look at the big picture here. Danny Strong comes up with the idea to write a story about the Florida presidential recount that took place in 2000. An important and, some would say, dark piece of our American history. Strong gets a producer interested, they pitch it to HBO who love the idea. He writes a detailed treatment and the idea is greenlit. Strong spends months traveling, interviewing most of the key players in the story and, finally, puts it all together into what many would consider one of the most engaging screenplays to come along in years. 

Danny becomes a producer on the film and is intimately involved with the entire production from shooting through editing. 

stron-and-castThen the Emmy’s. RECOUNT is justifiably recognized in the nominations, including a nom for Strong as writer. But by the end of the night, Strong loses to Kirk Ellis for JOHN ADAMS while RECOUNT wins in almost every other category. I personally find it odd that these two writers and screenplays were in competition against each other as RECOUNT is an original work and JOHN ADAMS is an adaptation. Very different animals, indeed. Not to also mention RECOUNT is a film, ADAMS a miniseries. 

RECOUNT is again nominated at the Critics Choice Awards. This time for Best Picture Made for Television. It loses to JOHN ADAMS. 

Last night’s Golden Globes: Strong’s third chance to stand up and hold an award for his relentless commitment to telling this important story is lost once again to, you guessed it, JOHN ADAMS. 

dstrong-121107The upcoming Writers Guild Awards: the good news is Strong is not competing against Kirk Ellis and JOHN ADAMS again! Whew! At least the Writers Guild recognizes that these are two different categories! So while the other nominees are all deserving and, I’m sure, worked just as relentlessly and passionately on their projects, I’m personally rooting for Danny Strong. Not only because he lost out previously (and yes, it is a honor just to be nominated), but because RECOUNT truly was one of the best scripts I’ve ever read and I can’t imagine anyone more committed to getting a story out there, or a writer who was more involved in EVERY DETAIL of the making of a film from inception to completion. RECOUNT truly is Danny Strong’s baby.

Danny Strong Gets Well-Deserved WGA Nom For RECOUNT

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