A Mixed Bag Of Oscar Nominees

The Oscars are always a bit of a love/hate fest for me. As I get older, the Academy Awards mean less and less. As a child, they represented a wonderful world acknowledging great talent. Now, well… It seems more popularity fest and marketing than anything else. But let’s be realistic here, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want one myself… but at the same time, it would be more about fulfilling a childhood fantasy than actually being an achievement of the film itself. For me. Personally.

As in most years, many of my favorite films and performances are ignored by the Oscars. This year (though it was no surprise given previous picks at the onslaught of other Awards shows), my favorite film from 2008, ELEGY, was completely ignored as if it had never been made. And my next favorite film, HAPPY GO LUCKY, while not shut out, somehow managed to bypass a nomination for Sally Hawkins’ phenomenal performance. Ahhh… C’est la vie… It’s just an awards show, after all…

Here are the noms:

A Mixed Bag Of Oscar Nominees

One thought on “A Mixed Bag Of Oscar Nominees

  1. Kirkland Moody says:

    The thing that gets me confused is how someone like Philip Seymour Hoffman get nominated in the SUPPORTING ACTOR category – he is clearly the male lead in Doubt – what’s up with that?

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