Inferior Subtitles Plague LET THE RIGHT ONE IN On DVD/Blu-ray

It seems that there’s been quite a buzz through the online community of DVD and Blu-ray fans over the English subtitles used for the home release of the popular Swedish vampire flick, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. It seems the film’s distributor, MAGNET, chose to use a different translation other than the one which appearedContinue reading “Inferior Subtitles Plague LET THE RIGHT ONE IN On DVD/Blu-ray”

New Grateful Dead & Jerry Garcia CDs Abound is starting the year off right by offering some truly incredible shows from the vaults of both the Grateful Dead and the Jerry Garcia Band. First off is the first-ever full show release in the now popular “Road Trips” series. From the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco February 14, 1968. As described on reading “New Grateful Dead & Jerry Garcia CDs Abound”

An Old Fogey Watches The WATCHMEN. And Mourns…

I must be getting old because I find myself referring back far too often to my youth and how things “used to be.” Granted, I came of age during Hollywood’s second Golden Era: the 70’s. Actually, to be more accurate, I started living and breathing cinema in the late 60’s and was exposed to firstContinue reading “An Old Fogey Watches The WATCHMEN. And Mourns…”

Natasha Taken Off Life Support

Liz Smith reports that Natasha Richardson has been taken off life support. …Word is in at 1:30 PM WEDNESDAY they have taken Natasha off of life support. This is not unexpected. Insiders felt yesterday, on learning they were flying Natasha in to Lenox Hill, that this meant her condition was hopeless and they were just finding a placeContinue reading “Natasha Taken Off Life Support”

Praying For Natasha Richardson

From the Huffington Post: Hours after reports that Natasha Richardson suffered a serious brain injury while skiing, Time Out New York, Fox News and the NY Post claim that she is brain dead, which TMZ refutes. Richardson is currently en route to New York from Canada via private jet, her second hospital transfer in 24 hours. The flight has beenconfirmed byContinue reading “Praying For Natasha Richardson”

Cheney Claims Bush Administration Not To Blame For Economic Crisis

Former Vice President and Mister Potter look-alike Dick Cheney told John King of CNN’s “State Of The Union” that the Bush Administration is not responsible for the current economic crisis. He claims it’s too easy to blame the “previous administration.”  He then goes on to suggest that it is, in part, actually due to theContinue reading “Cheney Claims Bush Administration Not To Blame For Economic Crisis”

A.I.G. & Their $100 Million Bonuses. How Wrong Is Wrong?

American International Group (A.I.G.) is prepping to pay about $100 million in bonuses to execs in the same unit that brought the company to its financial knees last year. All this while taking $170 billion in bailout money from the Treasury and Federal Reserve! Meanwhile, my friends and I sit on the edge of personalContinue reading “A.I.G. & Their $100 Million Bonuses. How Wrong Is Wrong?”

Is Pot The Answer To California’s Economic Woes?

Democratic State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano introduced a legislation last month to legalize pot and allow the state to regulate and tax its sale. According to TIME Magazine: Pot is, after all, California’s biggest cash crop, responsible for $14 billion a year in sales, dwarfing the state’s second largest agricultural commodity – milk and cream – which bringsContinue reading “Is Pot The Answer To California’s Economic Woes?”