New Grateful Dead & Jerry Garcia CDs Abound is starting the year off right by offering some truly incredible shows from the vaults of both the Grateful Dead and the Jerry Garcia Band. First off is the first-ever full show release in the now popular “Road Trips” series. From the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco February 14, 1968. As described on

This magnificent show—long admired by Dead Heads (and the band—it’s a Phil Lesh favorite)—captures the Dead at a real turning point in their career: When they tossed out the rock rule book and truly found their own sound. They tried out nearly all their new songs that night, and everyone was amazed at how effortlessly—yet powerfully—one flowed into the next and how their sets ebbed and flowed and exploded and got quiet and covered such an incredible range of textures and emotions. This wasn’t just a good-time dance band. This was serious… and still a good time!

For the complete track list or to order, click HERE. This set also includes recently discovered tracks from January 1968.

5379ef1c-01d2-4e74-8537-3ce409df0cbeAnd after a long absence, the “Pure Jerry” series is back. This time with an all acoustic show featuring Garcia and long-time friend and collaborator, bassist John Kahn from Marin Vet’s on February 28, 1986.

…this was a hometown show—literally—so the air was both relaxed and festive. The twelve songs collected here on a single disc are the complete two-set show from that night, nearly 70 minutes of music; a nice blend of old folk tunes, a Dylan number and Hunter-Garcia classics. Particularly noteworthy in that last category are the epic “Bird Song” and rockin’ “Run for the Roses.” Soundboard copies of this show have not been in circulation before.

To order or to view the track list, click HERE.

3524e0c7-ffb4-4901-9ee3-73e7aced51b7Finally, is offering up a stellar show from the Dead’s legendary spring 1977 tour. This was the final show in that run and took place at the Hartford Civic Center on May 28, 1977.

TO TERRAPIN catches the guys at the top of their game, unleashing a slew of new tunes that would “officially” debut two months later as part of TERRAPIN STATION.

…There’s something very special about the energy level here. It stays high from the moment they hit the stage, to clear through the encore. It’s no wonder so many Dead Heads will point to this night in Hartford as one of the “best EVER!”

For a complete track list and order info, click HERE.

Glad to see the new year off to such a great musical start. Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come.

Keep on dancin’!

New Grateful Dead & Jerry Garcia CDs Abound

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