A View From The Dead Tour

I’ve been listening to snippets from the tour and what I’ve heard so far has been okay, but nothing that’s knocked my socks off. The set lists are amazing given the range of music (30+years) and the daring lack of structure, but the music itself, while good, seems to lack the magic that made the Grateful Dead what they were. And that shouldn’t be a surprise as Jerry Garcia was the lead component of that magic. And while Warren Haynes (the singer/guitar player who replaced Jerry) is an extremely talented musician, his playing rarely gets under my skin. But I’ll reserve a full commentary on that for when I see them live. That may be a thoroughly different experience.

In the meantime, here are a few official snippets from the tour so far:
4/12 Greensboro-Shakedown Street:
Vodpod videos no longer available.



4/14 Charlottsville-Doin’ That Rag:
Vodpod videos no longer available.     





A View From The Dead Tour

3 thoughts on “A View From The Dead Tour

  1. halmasonberg says:

    I can’t complain about his playing from a technical talent level, but I can insomuch as his playing doesn’t move me. While Jerry is irreplaceable and they will never get back exactly what they had, I always thought Steve Kimoch was a more Dead-appropriate guitar player. I preferred “The Dead” when he was standing in the lead guitar slot. Warren is a great rock and roller/Allman Brothers style player. But he rarely soars. Not in the way I want to see the Dead soar… Now the Dead seem like a solid band, but not one I would follow.

  2. I agree with Hal. Warren’s playing is certainly proficient, smooth, tight, etc., but I think that very sense of “tightness” (as opposed to “looseness”) is what makes the whole business feel less experimental…it sort of feels like they’re keeping the GPS turned on all the time, rather than dispensing with the map and seeing where things go. Having said that, the 2nd night Worcester show was absolutely smoking, so it CAN work; I think the trick is to keep Bobby well up in the mix, especially since he really sounds great.

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