Eagle Crow Owl’s Newest Vid “MAKE BELIEVE”

Eagle Crow Owl’s Caren McCaleb has posted her newest online video/vlog/experimental short and I am proud to announce that both Gus (my dog) and I were collaborators on this one (and yes, we’re in it!).  Caren’s work continues to mesmerize and challenge. This one is no exception and a new personal favorite!

Sotomayor, Conservatives & Fear Of Pig Intestines

Yes, it seems certain members of the conservative party have linked together two statements made by Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayer to conclude that she believes the food she eats will help her decision-making process on the bench. In a 2001 speech made by Sotomayer at U.C. Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law, she stated:Continue reading “Sotomayor, Conservatives & Fear Of Pig Intestines”

Cheney “Sleazy”, an “Abomination” And Just What The Doctor Ordered

Perhaps if Dick Cheney had done what George W. did and simply tried to disappear into the banality of  ex-presidential “suburban” life, history may have been kinder to them than they deserve. Lord knows we’ve seen some truly despicable people walk away with their reputations “softened” by the passage of time and an economic upswing.Continue reading “Cheney “Sleazy”, an “Abomination” And Just What The Doctor Ordered”

PLAGUE Fans Petition Sony Pictures

Most of you know about a film I wrote and directed titled THE PLAGUE. You also know that after struggling for 8 years to get the film made, it was taken away from us (“us” being the creative team) and completely re-cut from scratch into something VERY different from the intention of the film’s writers,Continue reading “PLAGUE Fans Petition Sony Pictures”

Check Out Bill Hunt’s Thoughts On Blu-ray Grain Reduction

For those of us early-adopters of Blu-ray, and we film-enthusiasts, the subject of what a film should look like has been at the forefront of many discussions, particularly in this new hi-def digital age. With some transfers showing up devoid of the very grain that makes film “film”, there have been many different opinions floatingContinue reading “Check Out Bill Hunt’s Thoughts On Blu-ray Grain Reduction”

Obama & Biden: More Than Just A Guilty Pleasure

You have to love a prez and vice prez who stop off at Ray’s Hell-Burger in Arlington, VA. for what the Washington Business Journal called a “quick working lunch.”  And, yes, they waited in line like everyone else…