PLAGUE Fans Petition Sony Pictures

plague-jeanMost of you know about a film I wrote and directed titled THE PLAGUE. You also know that after struggling for 8 years to get the film made, it was taken away from us (“us” being the creative team) and completely re-cut from scratch into something VERY different from the intention of the film’s writers, director, actors and cinematographer. 

Since the creative team was removed from the film in post-production, I (your humble narrator and the co-writer/director of THE PLAGUE) took it upon myself to complete the film to the best of my ability despite the fact that I had been removed from the project. In addition to completing the film, I started a public campaign to get the proper cut released. This cut has the full support of its cast and crew.

PLAGUEdvdOne of the results of this campaign was a petition asking Sony Pictures, the film’s current distributor, to release the proper cut of the film which is, unlike its re-cut, re-imagined counterpart, a statement on violence and fear in society and how it effects our youth. 

THE PLAGUE: WRITERS & DIRECTOR’S CUT, as it is now known, has been getting hordes of attention from film fans across the globe. In part due to its behind-the scenes tale, in other part due to the fact that the film itself has garnered terrific reviews by those who have had the opportunity to see it. 

Now the campaign to get the film released is asking people to email a copy of the ongoing petition to Sony in the hope that they will realize just how many people not only want to right the wrong that was done to this film and the filmmakers behind it, but actually want to see the film itself. 

Dee2 copyYou can find out how to email the petition and who to email it to via a link on the web site. And while visiting the site, you can access all the articles that have been written about this film in several different languages. At the site you will also find interviews–written, video and radiotrailers, forums and the petition itself which could only benefit from more signatures.

Please take the time to have a look and forward the petition on to the folks at Sony. And please, be cordial when contacting Sony. We want to work WITH them, not against them. 

I thank you.

PLAGUE Fans Petition Sony Pictures

2 thoughts on “PLAGUE Fans Petition Sony Pictures

  1. Karen McCulley says:

    Tried to link to sign the email for spreading the plague — I’d like to see the writer’s cut — but the links froze or didn’t work. Thought I’d let you know so perhaps you can remedy the problem/s. Thanks

  2. halmasonberg says:

    Thanks, Karen. Seems like the server was down for a short time. Seems to be up and working again. Thanks for the heads-up!


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