Carradine’s Death May Not Have Been Suicide After All

CarradineAccording to every report by friends, family and associates close to late actor David Carradine, he simply would never have committed suicide. Of course that doesn’t mean he didn’t, but it seems now more details are surfacing that suggest his death may have been accidental.

According to Thai police, Carradine’s body was found naked and hanging in a closet with ropes tied around his neck, wrist and genitals. The initial suspicion is, of course, that Carradine may have been engaged in auto-erotic asphyxiation. For those unfamiliar, this involves temporarily cutting off oxygen to the brain to heighten sexual climax. If this was, in fact, the case, Carradine is among a long list of people to have accidentally died while engaged in the sexual act.

According to Pornthip Rojanasunand, director of Thailand’s Central Institute of Forensic Science:

“If you hang yourself by the neck, you don’t need so much pressure to kill yourself. Those who get highly sexually aroused tend to forget this fact.”

Whether or not Carradine was alone or with someone else is yet unknown. Rojanasunand continues:

“In some cases it can suggest murder, too. But sometimes when the victim is naked and in bondage, it can suggest that the victim is doing it to himself.”

According to Tiffany Smith of Carradine’s management company:

“All we can say is, we know David would never have committed suicide. We’re just waiting for them to finish the investigation and find out what really happened. He really appreciated everything life has to give … and that’s not something David would ever do to himself.”

The manager of the hotel where Carradine died stated:

“[Carradine was] very much a person full of life… He was a great piano player and played a few nights in the hotel lobby. He also played the flute and the guests really enjoyed it. I mentioned to him that I had seen ‘Crank’ with my family and that was the last smile he gave me.”

No official report has yet been released and the above information is still speculative.

Carradine’s Death May Not Have Been Suicide After All

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