Francis Ford Coppola: Alternate Quote Of The Week

09scot.xlarge1“The way the language of movies got created was at a period when no one knew how to make them, so the filmmakers tended to try out ideas that then stuck and then became our vocabulary. If you’re not allowed to experiment anymore for fear of being considered self-indulgent or pretentious or what have you, then everyone’s going to just stick to the rules — there’s not going to be any additional ideas.”

In his interview with Stephen Saito at, Coppola preceded this quote with a statement of equal importance:

“I think when you make a personal film and you’re not under the thumb of a moneymaking machine that really wants to appeal to as many people as possible — even in independent films, Fox Searchlight or Focus, they’re very concerned about making money, they have to — so the more you have to deliver a big, mass audience, the less you can kind of experiment a little bit.”

Coppola also discussed some of his personal favorites from his long career and their apparent box-office non-performance. One film, TUCKER: THE MAN AND HIS DREAM was particularly baffling:

“It’s funny. I would’ve thought with all the people who loved cars and car collectors that it would’ve had a bit of potential, but movie attendance is a mystery to me — what they go to and what they don’t go to. Is it that studios choose what they think is middlebrow enough and then put a ton of money behind it so they go? I don’t know the answer. All my personal favorites of the movies I’ve made, if you took them all — “The Conversation,” “Rumble Fish” — and add them up, they wouldn’t buy lunch.”

Francis Ford Coppola: Alternate Quote Of The Week

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