Limbaugh Blames Obama For Sanford’s Infidelity

storyI love this shit. Yeah, it’s scary, but it’s so outrageous, so off the wall, that the simple fact that the words are spoken and the connections are voiced in a public forum and SOMEONE OUT THERE BUYS IT is just incredible. I mean, when folks in foreign countries express their concern about the all-powerful America, I kinda get it. Let’s be realistic here. Our nation, and therefore the world, were in the hands of people not unlike Rush Limbaugh. Now while the Bush Administration did all it could to get away with murder, it still had to make it look like they were doing it for all the right reasons and sticking to the rule of law. Limbaugh is held to no such restrictions so he can be just as dangerous and as loopy as he wants to be. And his followers rally to the cause and soak up his insanity like water in a desert. And as crazy as the left-wing segment of the population can get–and yes, they can get pretty loopy, too–they simply have nothing on the right-wing nut-jobs.

Listen here as Mr. Limbaugh finds a way to blame South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s 5 day disappearance and extra-marital affair in Argentina on, you guessed it, President Barack Obama. It seems Obama’s America is a place of such sadness and hopelessness, that it actually drove Sanford to essentially “give up.”

LIMBAUGH: This Sanford business! I’ll tell you, one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind, with Mark Sanford … this is the first thought: What he did defies logic. This is … more than being 180 degrees out of phase because of lust, or love. To split the scene for five days, and we know he’s been separated, and he knows, by the way, that the newspaper in his state has the emails between him and his concubine down there in Argentina, he knows this. He knows that somebody knows what’s going on. He knows his wife knows. So he ups and leaves for five days, doesn’t leave anybody in charge of the state, in case there’s an emergency. This is almost like: I don’t give a damn! Country’s going to hell in a handbasket. I just want out of here! He had just tried to fight the stimulus money coming to South Carolina. He didn’t want any part of it. He lost the battle and said “What the hell? The Federal government is taking over! I want to enjoy life!”

Have a listen:

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Limbaugh Blames Obama For Sanford’s Infidelity

2 thoughts on “Limbaugh Blames Obama For Sanford’s Infidelity

  1. dmlauffer says:

    I don’t understand, what is wrong with what Rush said here? I didn’t hear the audio, I just read your quote. I think you don’t understand the satire of his comments. If you know anything about Rush, you know he is a conservative who believes in state rights and limited power for the federal government. He’s been criticizing the Obama administration (As well as the Bush administration if you listened to him for the last 8 years) for making the federal government too powerful. Those comments aren’t a blame Obama for infidelity, it’s a joke that reinforces his convictions about a central government that is too powerful.

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