transAdam Jahnke’s Electric Theater, in conjunction with The Digital Bits, posted a review of the new movie TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN. It turns out that Mr. Jahnke couldn’t bring himself to see the new TRANSFORMERS movie himself.

“Under the circumstances, if I were to write a review of this movie, it would be doing a disservice to the film, to myself and to all of you. Instead, I decided to bring in a guest critic. I wanted someone whose taste in movies I respect and trust but was also part of TRANSFORMERS’ key demographic. Above all, I wanted someone who wasn’t just willing to see it but genuinely wanted to. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look very far.”

And so it was that Mr. Jahnke decided on guest critic Max Haaga (age 7) to tackle this particular review. For the record, Max Haaga is the son of actor Trent Haaga of such films as TERROR FIRMA, CITIZEN TOXIE: THE TOXIC AVENGER IV, EASTER BUNNY KILL! KILL!, GIMME SKELTER and many others.

Here’s Max’s review:

“The movie was about the Decepticons wanting to blow up the sun. The Autobots were the good Transformers that wanted to stop them.

I liked when those little balls that the tiger Transformer, when he spit them out and they turned into little Transformers. It was funny when a chicken was on an army guy and the army guy said, “Get off of me!”

There was lots of explosions. There were lots of helicopters and army guys.

I’ll give the movie one thumb up. My daddy said the movie made his soul sick and he wants his money back.”



One thought on “7 Yr Old Reviews TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN

  1. Randy says:

    “If there’s a movie you really want to see, always see it in a theater–don’t wait for TV or DVD,” is the mantra that I have spoken to my own seven-year-old son since he was old enough to go to the movies. He has repeated this back to me no less than three times in the past week to gently mock my hypocrisy, as I have insisted he wait on this one.

    I am going to knuckle under take him this weekend, because that’s what dads do. I’m going to take a proverbial bullet at our local AMC chain.

    My sense is that his review will be quite similar to that of young Master Haaga. After all, it’s Transformers…and he has all the toys.

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