Walter Cronkite Dead At 92

cronkite_walterIconic News Anchorman Walter Cronkite died today at the age of 92. Cronkite anchored the “CBS EVENING NEWS” from 1962-1981. He was with us through the space race, the Vietnam War, Watergate, the Civil Rights Movement, the Kennedy assassination… Mr. Cronkite, like those events themselves, was and is part of our American History.

According to the Museum of Broadcast Communications notes, exactly 40 years ago, Mr. Cronkite “was on the air for 27 of the 30 hours that Apollo 11 took to complete its mission.”

Like so many who have passed before him, he will be missed. And he will live on.

WALTER CRONKITE. Born in St. Joseph, Missouri, U.S.A., 4 November 1916. Attended University of Texas, 1933-35. Married: Mary Elizabeth Maxwell, 1940; three children. Newswriter and editor, Scripps-Howard, also for United Press, Houston, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; Dallas, Austin, and El Paso, Texas; and New York City; United Press war correspondent, 1942-45, foreign correspondent, reopening bureaus in Amsterdam, Brussels; chief correspondent, Nuremberg war crimes trials, bureau manager, Moscow, 1946-48, manager and contributor, 1948-49, CBS-News correspondent, 1950-81, special correspondent, since 1981; managing editor, CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, 1962-81. Honorary degrees: American International College; Harvard University; LL.D., Rollins College, Bucknell University, Syracuse University; L.H.D., Ohio State University. Member: Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (president, national academy, New York chapter, 1959, Governor’s Award, 1979); Association Radio News Analysts. Recipient: several Emmy Awards; Peabody Awards, 1962 and 1981; William A. White Award for journalistic merit, 1969; George Polk Journalism Award, 1971; Gold Medal, International Radio and Television Society, 1974; Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University Award in Broadcast Journalism, 1978 and 1981; Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1981.


1953-57 You Are There
1957-67 Twentieth Century
1961-62 Eyewitness to History
1961-79 CBS Reports
1967-70 21st Century
1962-81 CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite (managing editor)
1980-82 Universe (host)
1991 Dinosaur!


1975 Vietnam: A War That Is Finished
1975 In Celebration of US
1975 The President in China
1977 Our Happiest Birthday
1984 Solzhenitsyn:
1984 Revisited


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Walter Cronkite Dead At 92

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