Torture Probe Offends The Hell Out Of Cheney. Bummer.

The actions and reactions of Dick Cheney will be spoken about for decades, maybe centuries. And hopefully they will be a continued reminder–a signpost, if you will–to how America can be co-opted by someone so out of touch, so completely in his own world, as to turn America into many of the things we’ve workedContinue reading “Torture Probe Offends The Hell Out Of Cheney. Bummer.”

Ted Kennedy’s Death May Save Health Care Reform

Ted Kennedy was outspoken on Health Care Reform. Even John McCain himself expressed frustration with Ted Kennedy’s absence from the debate just days before Kennedy’s death. McCain felt that the debate and deliberations would be in a very different place if Mr. Kennedy were present. Well, it seems Mr. Kennedy’s eternal absence may be justContinue reading “Ted Kennedy’s Death May Save Health Care Reform”


Ang Lee’s new film TAKING WOODSTOCK is a sweet, fun, recreation of a moment in history as seen through the eyes of someone intimately involved, and yet still outside. Lee and longtime writing/producing partner James Schamus decided that, after BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and LUST, CAUTION, they wanted to step away from heavy subject matter and tellContinue reading “Seeing WOODSTOCK Before TAKING WOODSTOCK”

Cinematic Masterpieces: WOODSTOCK: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT

It’s funny. I hadn’t seen WOODSTOCK in its entirety in probably over 20 years. I had watched performance clips on Youtube and, of course, remember certain moments and statements and “characters” from the film, but I had completely forgotten what an absolute masterful piece of cinema it was. WOODSTOCK is so much more than aContinue reading “Cinematic Masterpieces: WOODSTOCK: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT”

Cameron’s AVATAR Teaser Trailer Arrives

Sometimes James Cameron kicks ass, sometimes he misses. I’m one of the folks who thought the Director’s Cut of THE ABYSS was amazing. I thought TITANIC had some harrowing moments, but the personal story was more melodramatic than I would have preferred. ALIENS is still one of the better sequels ever made, in my opinion.Continue reading “Cameron’s AVATAR Teaser Trailer Arrives”

Bush Raised Terror Alert To Win Re-Election

It seems the actions, in-actions and wrongdoings of the Bush Administration are coming out into the light at an accelerated rate. Of course much of what is being revealed is stuff that had been talked about, suggested and speculated on for years, but it’s nice to see not all of it is being swept underContinue reading “Bush Raised Terror Alert To Win Re-Election”

Guns & Rallies: Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Is this a movement brewing or the death-throws of a dying party? I’m not sure. I’m hoping the latter. It seems gun-rights activists are showing up in droves at Rallies and Town Halls where Obama is speaking. We all know about the guy who showed up with a legal loaded handgun at the New HampshireContinue reading “Guns & Rallies: Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should”

DISTRICT 9: If You’re Hungry Enough, Even Cat Food Can Taste Like Fine Cuisine

No Plot Spoilers DISTRICT 9 isn’t an awful film. It’s also not a very good film. And it’s certainly not good science fiction. At least not in terms of intelligent, thought-provoking science fiction. By the same token, the film’s not stupid either. Just slight. What starts out as an interesting premise only delivers, ultimately, onContinue reading “DISTRICT 9: If You’re Hungry Enough, Even Cat Food Can Taste Like Fine Cuisine”