Ted Kennedy’s Death May Save Health Care Reform

ted-kennedy-2Ted Kennedy was outspoken on Health Care Reform. Even John McCain himself expressed frustration with Ted Kennedy’s absence from the debate just days before Kennedy’s death. McCain felt that the debate and deliberations would be in a very different place if Mr. Kennedy were present.

Well, it seems Mr. Kennedy’s eternal absence may be just as powerful. Ted Kennedy had friends on both sides of the aisle and, unlike many, managed to find that place where both parties could come together. And now there’s talk of naming the Health Care Reform Bill after Mr. Kennedy. And members of both parties wish to honor the man and the cause that he so vehemently believed in. And, unlike before, Mr. Kennedy’s passionate words will be heard and replayed over and over again as a testament to his life and passion. And those words need to be heard and not just listened to.

Ted Kennedy’s final act may end up being the turning point in bringing Health Care Reform to America and Americans. Let’s hope that his passing has helped shed some light on what we are trying to do here today in this country and why it is so crucial that we reform Health Care, keep the public option, and make sure each and every American is covered and taken care of.

I posted a clip earlier this week of Mr. Kennedy giving an impassioned speech on Health Care from 2008. You can view it HERE. And I do hope you will listen.

Ted Kennedy’s Death May Save Health Care Reform

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