Limbaugh Links School Bus Fight To “Obama’s America”

Picture 7An African-American boy beat up a Caucasian boy the other day on a school bus in St. Louis. The beating was caught on tape and made headlines. The reporting officer originally claimed that it might have been racially motivated. He took that back after it turned out not to be the case. The fight erupted over choice of seating.

Rush Limbaugh, however, never one to let anything negative happening in the world go by without stirring the racial pot and blaming it on Obama stated:

You put your kids on a school bus you expect safety but in Obama’s America the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering ‘yeah, right on, right on, right on.’ Of course everybody said the white kid deserved it he was born a racist, he’s white.

And folks continue to deny that guys like Limbaugh are not motivated by racism in their accusations and fear-mongering against President Obama. How disgusting he and others like him are. How sad. But Limbaugh is the voice of many a conservative American. Not all, mind you, but many. And those already filled with hate and happy to take that hatred to the streets, soak his vile up like gospel. And it spreads.

One question is, does Rush Limbaugh believe his own gospel, or is he just using the very people that claim to be his audience to wreak havoc?

Limbaugh Links School Bus Fight To “Obama’s America”

8 thoughts on “Limbaugh Links School Bus Fight To “Obama’s America”

  1. Paul says:

    Our we still living in the 1950s? How does this pig of a man get air time?
    It’s interesting that nobody is looking at all the violence on TV, in the movies and video games.
    Rush Pigman sickens me.

  2. chrisy says:

    well I agree with Limbaugh!! We are sopose to feel sorry for blacks because of what happend years ago..Please!! They feel like we owe them something, they get jobs because their black, they get housing because they are black, they get medical insurance because they are black, they get loans because they are black, the list goes on and on. I’m self employed and work hard every day of my life. My children dont have medical insurance because I cant afford it, yet “The system” wont give it to me, “because I’m white”!! I go to the grocery store and penny pinch so that my family can have food in the house, yet the lady in front of me is buying steaks and crab legs with food stamps, not to mention the number of people who come to me wanting to sell their food stamps!! Give me a break!! You know who I feel sorry for?? The hard working WHITE people of america who need just alittle bit of help to make it in this tough world and are told “sorry but we cant help you”, but help the black lady behind you with 6 kids and never worked a day in her life gets a house, food stamps, welfare or ssi check, her car fixed and medical insurance!! This may sound harsh and racist, call it what you want, but I’m only saying what alot of other white people are thinking!!

    1. Doug says:

      Of course you’re a racist! Anyone can see that. But what’s worse is you’re an ignorant illiterate racist. And you’re probably not smart enough to realize that NONE of what you said is true. You’ve been fed this garbage all your miserable life and now you just regurgitate it cuz that’s what yer pappy tol’ ya to think.
      Your kids don’t have medical insurance because scum like Rush Limbaugh convince knuckle-dragging Neanderthals like you to oppose national health care–EVEN THOUGH YOU WOULD BE ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD MOST BENEFIT FROM IT.
      You know what, never mind. I can’t waste my time on people who are too fucking stupid to think for themselves.

    2. Crisy,

      I’m self employed too…but I don’t look at anyone white or black with 6 kids in tow paying for whatever food at a grocery store with food stamps and thinking “that “insert profanity” black/white person is using the system while I’m barely keeping surviving. If someone’s paying with food stamps then there life has got to be pretty horrible…and I count my blessings how small they might be. I wonder if her trailer is bigger than yours.

  3. Randy says:


    I’m sorry you feel this way, but I have heard your anger expressed by others around the country. I am also self-employed and the insurance I provide for my family is only obtainable at a very high cost.

    Sometimes I’m worried about the future, worried about my kids and the world they’ll inherit. I sense that your anger comes from this same fear.

    Your frustrations are echoed by many Americans, but there are important points the propaganda-spewing talk show hosts and their indictment-dodging corporate masters don’t want you to know. Please don’t listen to them–you are better than that. Deep down, you know I’m right, don’t you?

    The fact is, our system is broken are three very specific issues that need to be addressed:

    1) Welfare reform can only be addressed by breaking the generational cycle of welfare and the culture that accompanies it. There are many Americans of all colors in rural areas and urban neighborhoods alike who are the third, fourth or even fifth generation to be drawing food stamps and welfare checks. The fact is, a much higher proportion of African-Americans are part of this cycle than whites. Initiatives under the Clinton administration to pare down the list of recipients–weeding out able-bodied young men and others who didn’t warrant long-term support–were successful. These programs were also bolstered by government support to get them rolling early on, and by the benefits of a robust economy. Currently, there are few resources and a lousy economy–and simply taking everyone off of welfare (which was proposed by one of my cousins in Florida recently during a heated family debate on this topic) won’t fix the propblem. Nor will the plan he proposed to me out of anger to “just put these people on boxcars and send them somewhere.” Just doesn’t work that way.

    2) The money these people get versus the billions and billions given away to big companies in the form of corporate welfare is actually minimal. Each year, American taxpayers subsidize U.S. businesses–to the tune of more than $150 billion, the equivalent of all the income tax paid by 70 million individuals and families. These corporate giants continue to live off the dole (on your dime and mine) as they receive a range of special favors, including special corporate tax breaks; direct government subsidies to pay for advertising, research and training costs; and incentives to pursue overseas production and sales. In many cases, they have been caught using this money to move portions of their companies overseas to take advantage of cheap labor. I don’t know about you, but the thought of some lady buying $15 worth of crab legs with food stamps pisses me off a lot less that corporate fat cats screwing me out of millions of dollars.

    3) Working-class whites have been pitted against blacks for a long time, particularly during cycles of economic downturns. The breakdown of the family has hit the African-American community hard, and there is a national crisis among young black males in America. The gangstah culture that has emerged has only exacerbated the problem, and a new generation of young black leaders–including our president–can serve as good role models for this population. In the meantime, the best thing white Americans can do is to try to curb the feelings of anger, hatred and “otherness” during a tough economic time. Part of black America is rising in a bold and proud new way that will benefit everyone. Another part is trapped in a cycle that needs our support to turn around.

    Look at the way Americans of all colors came together during the 9/11 attacks. There was no black or white on that day.

    Please think about what I’m saying.

    I send you good thoughts for happier days ahead.

  4. Wow, Chrisy, you are a master of rhetoric! I think you actually managed to cover all of the most worn-out, hackneyed cliches in one fell swoop. However, I do admire your attempt to shake things up via the use of invented spelling (I’m “soposing” that was your intention?), not to mention tweaking the old “welfare queen stocks up on gourmet goodies while the hard-working blue-collar family eats instant potatoes” trope. Most racist troglodytes portray this archetype of white oppression using foodstamps to buy steaks and LOBSTERS for her huge family of (illegitimate, right?) children, but your emendation to “steaks and crab legs” was both clever AND original; well played!

    And while we’re chatting, mom-to-mom, maybe you can explain something to me. How is it that kids on public assistance, living in cramped, sub-optimal conditions, often in dangerous neighborhoods and with access only to woefully underfunded public education have such sophisticated tastes when it comes to food? I mean, my white, middle-class offspring would happily live on ramen noodles 24/7 (I’m a little afraid they might be socialists, actually; didn’t Chairman Mao invent those?), despite being exposed to wide variety of cuisine. Yet all these no-‘count, shiftless welfare queens are somehow able to get their children to develop an appreciation for fine dining; maybe we have something to learn from them, huh?

    Going to go lie down for awhile now…

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