PLAGUE Journey Receives Youtube Review

Picture 2This is pretty fascinating. I was recently contacted by a gentleman named Michael King who had watched the official release of THE PLAGUE for the purposes of review on his ongoing Youtube program. In doing his research for the film, King stumbled on the back story which, as many of you know, I have been working diligently to make sure is out there and accessible to anyone with even the slightest interest. This is the purpose and power of a grassroots campaign. From the pages of MovieMaker magazine to Mr. King’s home. The word is spreading. All of this helps makes it common knowledge that the film currently available with my name on it does not represent me in any way, shape or form. Nor does it represent the work contributed by the film’s cast and crew.

In his three part series on THE PLAGUE, King discusses some of the background horrors of the film. For anyone interested in taking a gander (and I recommend you do), know that the clips and trailer shown in King’s review are from the studio cut and not the Writers & Director’s Cut. The film they suggest feels nothing like the film we made. It is a very pure example of how a film can be misrepresented in tone and spirit and how powerful and potentially destructive the process of editing can be in the hands of people who are not filmmakers.

Thanks to King and others like him who are helping spread the word about this. Every little bit counts.

For more info on THE PLAGUE, please visit or join our Facebook page.

PLAGUE Journey Receives Youtube Review

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