Geeking Out: The New STAR TREK

Contains spoilers. Let me start by stating that yes, I am a STAR TREK fan. Particularly the original series. However, I have never been to a convention, never dressed up as any of the characters, and I do not speak a word of Klingon. That said, as a kid, I would have LOVED to haveContinue reading “Geeking Out: The New STAR TREK”

What Would Palin Do?

My love/hate relationship with the extreme conservative right continues. Yes, I love how fascinatingly absurd they can be –beyond anything I could have imagined– and I hate the fact that there are people in this country ignorant enough to take them seriously. Well, let’s hope conservative Canadians are a smarter lot than our American conservativeContinue reading “What Would Palin Do?”

Cheney’s Need To Man-Up

Cheney has some serious problems with President Obama bowing respectfully to foreign leaders. And yet he expects Americans to lay down before him and be trampled over by his corporate cronies. This is a man who has taken advantage of more people to get what he wants than any other American figure in recent history.Continue reading “Cheney’s Need To Man-Up”

New DSO Guitarist Soars

As some of you know, I was quite upset to read that lead guitarist/singer and founding member of the amazing jam-band Dark Star Orchestra, John Kadlecik, was stepping down. Not since Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead have I experienced such a solid, transcendent and moving live musical experience as DSO. Given that, I feltContinue reading “New DSO Guitarist Soars”

DSO Founding Member Kadlecik Resigns

This is sad news indeed for those of us who have come to love the experience of seeing Dark Star Orchestra perform live. Their recreations of specific Grateful Dead concerts –right down to set list, equipment, stage set-up and style– have managed to bring back an experience gone since the death of Dead founder JerryContinue reading “DSO Founding Member Kadlecik Resigns”

Scorsese Talks Blu-ray

Martin Scorsese was the head speaker at this year’s Blu-Con 2.0 symposium in Beverly Hills. And he seconded what those of us already hooked on Blu already know: “Blu-ray is going to extend the lifetime of a movie… I have a daughter who’s 10, and she can’t tell the difference between old films and newContinue reading “Scorsese Talks Blu-ray”

Silly Sarah: The Answer To Palin’s Coin Question

Last week, Sarah Palin raised her newest conspiracy theory while speaking at a Wisconsin Right To Life fundraising banquet. During her speech (in which she also managed to continue her insistence on the existence of Health Care death panels), Palin suggested something was amiss of late in Washington, citing the move of “In God WeContinue reading “Silly Sarah: The Answer To Palin’s Coin Question”

The Art Of Film Editing & The Plague Of Ego

The below video comparisons and text contain massive spoilers. Do not read or watch if you have not seen either cut of “The Plague”. As anyone who knows me or has read my blog knows, I wrote and directed a film called THE PLAGUE which was taken away from me in post-production and re-cut byContinue reading “The Art Of Film Editing & The Plague Of Ego”