2010: The Year I Make Contact

2009 seems to have been a tough year for many. I know it had its share of challenges for me. I move toward 2010 with some real-world optimism as I have signed with a new agent and have some projects in the works that I am actually quite excited about. No one knows how itContinue reading “2010: The Year I Make Contact”

New Hal Masonberg PLAGUE Interview

It’s all about grass-roots. In my ongoing campaign to get the proper cut of my film THE PLAGUE released, I agreed to do an interview for a gentleman by the name of Michael L. King. Michael hosts a series of Youtube film reviews. It’s a small and very personal series, but filled with charm andContinue reading “New Hal Masonberg PLAGUE Interview”

Losing Dan O’Bannon

The great Dan O’Bannon has left this world for another. A sad day indeed. For us, that is. However, wherever he’s headed, they’re in for a treat! For those unfamiliar with Mr. O’Bannon, he was the talented visionary screenwriter behind such beloved classics as ALIEN, DARK STAR, HEAVY METAL, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, TOTALContinue reading “Losing Dan O’Bannon”

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Fixed Blu-ray Hits Shelves!

According to Digital Bits reader Mike L., Magnolia has gotten those Blu-rays with the proper theatrical subtitles out there. Finally! Keep your eyes open. No word on exchanges yet. Probably a negative. But here’s what the puppy looks like: