A Message From DSO’s Rob Eaton

Regarding questions on Dark Star Orchestra’s revolving lead guitarists, rhythm guitarist and singer Rob Eaton hopped on one of the forums to let everyone know the status:

We are going through MAJOR changes and decisions, patience on the fans’ part would be a great help to us. Here’s what I can tell you at this point: Jeff [Mattson] will be on the next tour. He knows how we feel about him but he has things he needs to deal with and work out outside DSO. He was not able to commit to the April [tour] back in Nov when we asked him and thus we decided to see what Stu [Allen] has to offer. Stu is scheduled to perform the April tour and the April tour only. We will then be in a better position on who would be the best fit for the permanent guitar spot going forward. When we know what the future will be we will let everyone know but I would ask everyone to PLEASE let us work this out….. One thing I do know for certain is JK [John Kadlecik] will not be back playing with DSO so we have to make the right move for all of us going into the future.

I’ve listened to Jeff online and thought he was amazing. I’ll be seeing Stu in April here in L.A. and will hope that he is equally amazing and unique. Only time will tell. I’m looking forward to seeing Jeff on the following tour. I’ve yet to see him in person. Just keep playing, boys.

A Message From DSO’s Rob Eaton

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