Goodnight, Jean Simmons

The beautiful and talented actress Jean Simmons died today in Southern California after a long battle with lung cancer. She was 80. I grew up on the films of Ms. Simmons and have many terrific memories of her in so many different films and so many different roles it’s sometimes hard to keep track. Oddly enough, the films I return to most often are of a very young Jean Simmons: the Powell/Pressburger masterpiece BLACK NARCISSUS in which she played Kanchi, the exotic young Indian seductress, and David Lean’s GREAT EXPECTATIONS, in which she played the desirable young Estella. Always stunning, Simmons never lost her beauty or her commanding presence. She continued to work right up till the end with her last role in the British film SHADOWS IN THE SUN released in 2009.

Sleep well…

One thought on “Goodnight, Jean Simmons

  1. Hi, I have an early original studio photo of Jean Simmons 7″x9″ – from movie “Musketeers” I think, it is also (studio) signed “Jean Simmons” If you are interested in it let me know.



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