I wish I could take credit for that phrase, but it was a friend of a friend who coined it. And it’s perfect. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is everything the adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s book should be. In a non-Hollywood world. One can only imagine what this film might have looked like in theContinue reading “WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE: A Love Song To Boys”

America: A Culture Of Bullies & Violence?

America loves a bully. Despite the word’s definition: A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. We, as Americans, celebrate the bully at every turn, while accusing those who use brains over brawn as being weak. Take our current president, for example. Here is a man who isContinue reading “America: A Culture Of Bullies & Violence?”

Donald Trump Wants Al Gore Stripped Of Nobel Prize

Yes, another brilliant move by one of the nations wealthier Americans. Donald Trump joined the ever-growing pack of idiots that proudly flaunt their complete and utter misunderstanding of climate change, also known as “Global Warming.” It seems the word “warming’ has confused some of our more “successful” entrepreneurs. You see, they saw some big snowstormsContinue reading “Donald Trump Wants Al Gore Stripped Of Nobel Prize”

Today’s GOP Message: Stupid Is Good

Just a quick glance at some of today’s GOP news. It seems that a poll done by Esquire magazine shows that 78 percent of “Republican leaders” believe that President Obama is a socialist. Those surveyed are, according to the magazine and suggested by the answers given, not from the fringes of the party. Yet nonetheless,Continue reading “Today’s GOP Message: Stupid Is Good”

The Retardation Of America: Truth Or Consequences

What does the future face of America look like? There is still a large faction of extreme right-wing, anti-intellectual, bigots spouting threats of a “take-over” in 2012. Now it just remains to be seen whether or not enough Americans bite into that worm-filled apple and propel this country into its death-throws, or whether or notContinue reading “The Retardation Of America: Truth Or Consequences”

An Evening At Pee-Wee’s Playhouse

Pee-Wee’s back and his magical world is as welcome as ever. Paul Reubens has returned to Puppet Land with many of his old friends by his side. Originally slated for the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, overwhelming advance ticket sales forced the gang to find a larger venue. Still small enough to be intimate, theContinue reading “An Evening At Pee-Wee’s Playhouse”

Quotes By Artists About Their Art: Bruce Springsteen

From Robert Hilburn’s terrific book CORNFLAKES WITH JOHN LENNON: AND OTHER TALES FROM A ROCK ‘N’ ROLL LIFE: “The mistake a lot of musicians make, is they imagine an audience and then try and make a piece of music to fit it. “They get caught up in the race, and it can be dangerous to yourContinue reading “Quotes By Artists About Their Art: Bruce Springsteen”

Award Season Blues: This Year’s Rant

It’s always a bit tough to see films you just didn’t like or admire nominated for awards. This year’s Writers Guild Nominees almost made me want to revoke my membership out of shame and embarrassment. I used to believe that it was Hollywood that was keeping good writers down; that great scripts were being rapedContinue reading “Award Season Blues: This Year’s Rant”