Grateful Dead: Springfield ’73

Some shows are just too good not to share.

From one of my favorite era’s in the Dead’s long, continuing journey, this particularly stellar show from the Springfield Civic Center in the great state of Massachusetts on the 28th of March 1973, is worth every note. Keith’s jazzy influence on the band was really starting to coalesce, with the music digging deeper than ever before, the harmonies sounding better than ever, and Bobby thankfully turned way up in the mix!

If you have time for the whole show, I say you’re in for one fantastic ride. If you don’t have time for it all, the second half of the second set is the place to be. Starting with Weather Report Suite and ending with Johnny B. Goode, the space in-between is one of the most energized and transcendent odyssey’s I’ve been on in while. The Grateful Dead at their best.

Take out your headphones, light up a candle (or whatever else you prefer), hit that play button, and enjoy.

And here’s a little essay equating what the Grateful Dead did in their best moments to some of the most melodic and haunting music composed in the 12th century. It’s a fascinating observation and adds to the growing mystique and ethereal nature of what this band accomplished. It’s a very appropriate read for the music being offered above, particularly in terms of the Dead’s use of feedback:

Grateful Dead: Springfield ’73

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