The Adolescent Feet-Stomping Of The GOP

Like spoiled little children throwing a tantrum, the GOP, who for months not only resisted working with Democrats to create a genuine Health Care Reform Bill but actually spread outright fear-based lies about it, are now showing exactly what they are made of. And it’s more than frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.

Today, the GOP decided to enact a little-known Senate rule that states committees can only meet when the chamber is in session with the unanimous consent of all members. The result? A GOP refusal to work past 2PM for the past two days now.

That’s surely a good thing for the people of this nation. Just like blocking Health Care Reform was.

So what kind of an effect has it had so far? Well, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) had to cancel her oversight hearing on police training contracts in Afghanistan.

Couldn’t have been too important anyway.

Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy’s (D-Vt.) committee had to delay consideration of several judicial nominees.

It can wait, right?

Ask Leahy, whose response to the GOP’s new tactic was as follows?

“For months, Senate Republicans have resisted efforts to enact important reforms to our health insurance system. But when the dust settles and the emotions are calmed, history will show that President Obama and this Congress responded to a pressing national issue, and proved once again that we can act with the purpose of advancing an important national interest. Sadly, actions like today’s objections from Senate Republicans to the consideration of a highly qualified, historic nominee will be viewed as little more than petty, partisan politics.”

Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Spokesperson, Jim Manley, also added:

“For a second straight day, Republicans are using tricks to shut down several key Senate committees. So let me get this straight: in retaliation for our efforts to have an up-or-down vote to improve health care reform, Republicans are blocking an Armed Services committee hearing to discuss critical national security issues among other committee meetings? These political games and obstruction have to stop — the American people expect and deserve better.”

But what does any of this matter? I mean, so Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii), Chairman of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee wasn’t able to continue his discussion on the effort to end veteran homelessness in the next five years.

So what if there are an estimated 100,000 veterans going homeless in America every night? What did they ever do for us?

It’s nice to know our country is in the hands of good, quality adults with the nation’s best-interests in mind. Maybe, if we’re really good, they’ll try and take back Health Care coverage from the over 30 million who just qualified.

The Adolescent Feet-Stomping Of The GOP

4 thoughts on “The Adolescent Feet-Stomping Of The GOP

  1. paul says:

    They should all be made to stand in the corner until they can play nice with other congressmen and congresswomen. And there will be no ice cream or extra Insurance Lobbyist money either!

  2. To be honest, I’m worried about the elephant in the picture, whereas, if the entire GOP would only fall off a cliff, I would feel nothing but relief. Le sigh.

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