Stu Allen & DSO: Making Beautiful Music

It seemed no sooner had I discovered Dark Star Orchestra than lead guitarist John Kadlecik announced he’d be leaving the band to tour with Grateful Dead founding members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh. Quite a coup for the man who founded the single best Grateful Dead “cover” band ever with DSO. But, for anyone whoContinue reading “Stu Allen & DSO: Making Beautiful Music”

Wanna See HARRY BROWN? Avoid The Trailer.

For years my friends have mocked me for closing my eyes during movie trailers. My dear friend Bronni used to joke that whenever we’d go see a movie together and the trailers would start, I’d throw a paper bag over my head. While a wee bit of an exaggeration, the intention is not far off.Continue reading “Wanna See HARRY BROWN? Avoid The Trailer.”

The Dead Arisen: The Grateful Variety From 1977-10-29

Another amazing show to coincide with today’s celebration of the return of Jesus Christ (which is, of course, the sequel to “Jesus Christ”). What? An atheist Jew can’t celebrate, too? Hogwash! I spent the bulk of the day doing my taxes and listening to the Grateful Dead from Evans Field House at Northern Illinois UniversityContinue reading “The Dead Arisen: The Grateful Variety From 1977-10-29”

Backstage With Jerry: The Interview, Portland, Oregon, 1977.

The following is an informal pre-show backstage interview with Jerry Garcia from the Paramount Theatre in Portland, Oregon, October 2, 1977. Unusually personal and casual. Just some guys hangin’ and chattin’ (and snortin’). There’s a reason they opened with Casey Jones that night! Jerry discusses the upcoming Egypt trip, his newest guitar, the politics ofContinue reading “Backstage With Jerry: The Interview, Portland, Oregon, 1977.”

Condolences: Writer/Producer David Mills Dies

I just wanted to take a moment to mention that writer/producer David Mills, who brought us such amazing TV as NYPD BLUE, HOMICIDE, PICKET FENCES, ER and, quite possibly the best television show ever written, THE WIRE, passed away yesterday of a brain aneurysm. He was 48. Mills’ newest show, TREME, which takes place inContinue reading “Condolences: Writer/Producer David Mills Dies”