The Dead Arisen: The Grateful Variety From 1977-10-29

Another amazing show to coincide with today’s celebration of the return of Jesus Christ (which is, of course, the sequel to “Jesus Christ”). What? An atheist Jew can’t celebrate, too? Hogwash! I spent the bulk of the day doing my taxes and listening to the Grateful Dead from Evans Field House at Northern Illinois University on October 29, 1977. That’s both patriotic and spiritual all at the same time!

And while my taxes certainly leave a lot to be desired (namely money) this particular Dead show doesn’t. As I’ve said many times before, when Jerry Garcia was on, the whole band was on! And this is one of those nights. Straight outta the gate, Garcia is on fire and the rest of the band are keeping time and slamming their instruments right there with him. It’s a powerful display of energy.

This soundboard is a beautiful sounding puppy with only a few intermittent audience splices to cover those pesky reel flips. And luckily the audience recording is solid and gives us a welcome flavor of the crowd’s don’t-stop-now enthusiasm.

There are few things on this earth I enjoy more than hearing Jerry rip it up and this journey made my 2010 Easter Sunday a memorable one. I hope you find the time to enjoy it as much as I did!

And for the love of Jesus, don’t forget to turn it up real loud! And then check out the informal backstage interview with Garcia from the Paramount Theatre in Portland, Oregon from October 2nd, 1977. Unusually personal and casual. Just some guys hangin’ and chattin’ (and snortin’). A rare treat!

Just click the links below…

Evans Field House, Northern Illinois University, October 29, 1977

Paramount Theater interview, October 2, 1977

The Dead Arisen: The Grateful Variety From 1977-10-29

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