Del Toro Walks Away From THE HOBBIT

It looks like Warner Brothers’ LORD OF THE RINGS prequels, based on Tolkien’s THE HOBBIT as well as other Middle-Earth works, has hit a bit of a snag. Guillermo Del Toro has left the project as director, though he will remain attached as writer for a few more months before moving on. It seems schedulingContinue reading “Del Toro Walks Away From THE HOBBIT”

Check Out My Articles At The Examiner

In addition to posting on this blog, I’ve starting doing some writing for the Examiner as their Los Angeles Home Theater guy. I’ve been reviewing Blu-ray and DVD releases, but will also be reviewing home theater equipment and anything else home theater-related. If that interests you, check out my articles at:

The Pizza Tapes: Extra Large

Ten years ago, mandolin player, David Grisman, released a legendary recording of himself and guitarists Jerry Garcia and Tony Rice playing music and goofing around in Grisman’s studio. The story behind the title is an unverified “legend” purporting that a copy of the session tapes were stolen from Garcia’s house by a pizza delivery guy andContinue reading “The Pizza Tapes: Extra Large”

Complete Your Danged Thought

It still scares me to think about it. There was a time when I didn’t think John McCain was so bad. But his actions during the presidential campaign showed me he was truly a man to be concerned about. And his actions since have only solidified my opinion. McCain seems to be a man boughtContinue reading “Complete Your Danged Thought”

Lynn Redgrave. Farewell at 67…

“Our beloved mother Lynn Rachel passed away peacefully after a seven year journey with breast cancer,” Redgrave’s children said in a statement Monday. “She lived, loved and worked harder than ever before. The endless memories she created as a mother, grandmother, writer, actor and friend will sustain us for the rest of our lives. OurContinue reading “Lynn Redgrave. Farewell at 67…”