The Pizza Tapes: Extra Large

Ten years ago, mandolin player, David Grisman, released a legendary recording of himself and guitarists Jerry Garcia and Tony Rice playing music and goofing around in Grisman’s studio. The story behind the title is an unverified “legend” purporting that a copy of the session tapes were stolen from Garcia’s house by a pizza delivery guy and distributed hand-to-hand via the usual Dead Head channels. The sessions became legendary long before Grisman officially released them back in 2000.

But what Grisman chose to release back then were select snippets of those sessions on a single CD. Now, via the magic of downloadable music, three full CDs worth of tunes are available to the public. It’s not every living, breathing moment but, according to Grisman, “it was two evenings worth of recordings, and what we’ve released now is pretty much it, for what I thought was musically acceptable and also interesting.”

That’s good news indeed for those of us yearning for more. The music contained here is simply beautiful, whether entire songs or partial, and the banter between these three old friends is joyous and silly and filled with an irrepressible love of music and one another. If you appreciate any of these guys or all of them, this purchase is a no brainer. It’s worth every penny and you can download it either in MP3 or FLAC formats (I recommend the latter if you care about sound quality). And believe it or not, the entire 3 CD collection is offered on Grisman’s Acoustic Oasis site for a damn impressive recession-friendly price of only $18.95. Not bad. And there’s more good music to be found on Grisman’s site. Check it out.

Go HERE for the Pizza Tapes.

And enjoy!

The Pizza Tapes: Extra Large

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