And The Winner Is… Jeff Mattson

Those of us following the trials and tribulations of Dark Star Orchestra know that, since the sudden exit of lead guitarist and founder John Kadlecik, DSO members have played with two different guitarists with the intent of making a final decision as to who would become their next permanent member. And while I personally loved seeing them with Stu Allen, I also loved hearing them with Jeff Mattson. Both brought something to the band that would have been a welcome addition. There really was no wrong choice. However, I think most of us knew that Mattson was looking like their guy for quite some time so this announcement just verifies what most of us already assumed. The official announcement from DSO:

Jeff Mattson Gets the Gig

After months of touring and playing with Jeff, we have decided to offer him the full time gig, which he has gratefully accepted. Jeff has blown us away with his energy, licks, and presence on stage. He is a great guy, an inspiring musician and so much fun to perform with, we cannot wait to get back out there and mix it up with him once again. We are having more fun than ever and are looking forward to seeing you all at the upcoming shows.

Congrats Jeff. Looking forward to seeing you live!

And The Winner Is… Jeff Mattson

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