Weekend Flashback: Summer’s Here And The Time Is Right

Summer has finally made its way to So Cal and, in honor of its somewhat late arrival, I thought we’d span a ten year period of the Grateful Dead performing DANCING IN THE STREETS. Ahhh, what a difference a decade makes! Our first offering is from a concert the Dead gave in 1967 in GoldenContinue reading “Weekend Flashback: Summer’s Here And The Time Is Right”

Weekend Flashback: Grateful Dead, Germany, 1981

1981 was never my favorite year for the Dead, but this ALTHEA from Rockpalast in Essen, Germany is quite refreshing and feels appropriate to the sweltering heat we’ve been having out here in So Cal. It’s just the right rhythm to match these lazy days and nights. Grab a cool drink and enjoy.

INCEPTION: An Action Film That Invites You To Use Your Brain. A Bit.

I have no idea what the public reaction to INCEPTION will be (we’ll find out in the next couple of days), but I’m happy to report that, while not a masterpiece of cinema or a great science fiction film, it is nonetheless a smart action adventure that will easily stand above most anything else you’reContinue reading “INCEPTION: An Action Film That Invites You To Use Your Brain. A Bit.”

JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS On Blu-ray. Simply Stunning.

Sony Pictures’ new Blu-ray release of the Ray Harryhausen spectacular JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS is a joy to behold. The film has never come close to looking this good in any previous home release. Colors are vibrant yet never pushed and flesh tones appear natural. From first frame to last, JASON wows with its imageryContinue reading “JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS On Blu-ray. Simply Stunning.”

DNR Madness. Fox’s New PREDATOR Blu-ray Offends

Fox’s new Blu-ray release, PREDATOR: ULTIMATE HUNTER EDITION, sadly tries to correct complaints that the previous Blu-ray release was a bit too grainy by overcompensating and making this 1987 film look like it was shot on modern HD video. For those interested in their films actually looking like film, this is not good news. DNR,Continue reading “DNR Madness. Fox’s New PREDATOR Blu-ray Offends”

Weekend Flashback: Grateful Dead @ Monterey Pop 1967

Per usual, the Grateful Dead were never happy with their performances at the”big” festivals so they asked not to be included in D.A. Pennebaker’s Monterey Pop film. But here they are anyway, more than 43 years later, performing a scorching Viola Lee Blues!


1776: The Restored Director’s Cut, while not yet available on Blu-ray, is thankfully available on Standard DVD. Though based on the popular Broadway show with music and lyrics by Sherman Edwards and a book by Peter Stone (who also wrote the screenplay here), the film was not well received at the time of its release.Continue reading “1776: RESTORED DIRECTOR’S CUT”

CONTACT On Blu. Worthy Despite A Few Stumbles.

Warner’s 1080p VC-1 Blu-ray release of Robert Zemeckis’ CONTACT is a healthy improvement over its earlier DVD counterpart. That said, there is still a somewhat noticeable amount of DNR applied, though not as distracting as some other recent titles (e.g. Universal’s SPARTACUS). Film grain is still present, but one gets the feeling there should beContinue reading “CONTACT On Blu. Worthy Despite A Few Stumbles.”