Anti-Muslim Fear. America In Transition.

This whole notion of a “Ground Zero Mosque” is a complete fabrication created and spurred on by politicians who are using Americans’ misguided fear as a tool. And the consequences are dire. Now simply being a Muslim is reason enough to fear for your life. Is this America? Yes, it’s America in transition. It’s AmericaContinue reading “Anti-Muslim Fear. America In Transition.”

Pat & Kevin Tillman: The Words Still Mean Something

With the release of the documentary THE TILLMAN STORY, I am taking my cue from and printing here Kevin Tillman’s 2006 article. This was, as some of you will remember, just before the election of President Obama. We were at the tail-end of the Bush/Cheney years and all the horrors that came with it.Continue reading “Pat & Kevin Tillman: The Words Still Mean Something”

This Silly “Mosque” Business & John Stewart

We all know the arguments by now so I won’t repeat them. But what I will say is simply this: In order for a Muslim community center being built several blocks away from the 9/11 site to be disrespectful of those who suffered on 9/11, one must first believe that the Muslim community as aContinue reading “This Silly “Mosque” Business & John Stewart”

Boo George Lucas. Again As Always.

My admiration for Mr. Lucas fizzled out many moons ago. His first three films were simply stunning. THX-1138, AMERICAN GRAFFITI and the very first STAR WARS. The man didn’t return to directing until he decided to single-handedly destroy the “franchise” he’d built in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The three STAR WARS prequels heContinue reading “Boo George Lucas. Again As Always.”

Last Week For Harryhausen Exhibit At The Academy!

If you live in Los Angeles or plan on visiting sometime in the next week, the Ray Harryhausen exhibit over at the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences will be there through August 22nd. That gives you just 7 days to make it over there if you haven’t already (or go again if youContinue reading “Last Week For Harryhausen Exhibit At The Academy!”

Long Lost, Alfred Hitchcock Interview Returns

In the fall of 1973, Tom Snyder devoted a full hour of his then brand-spankin’ new THE TOMORRROW SHOW to an interview with legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. The show was then repeated on Memorial Day 1980. Since that time, the footage was thought to be lost or destroyed. Well, it seems sometime last year, aContinue reading “Long Lost, Alfred Hitchcock Interview Returns”

Weekend Flashback: DSO’s Farthest Journey Back In Time To Date

Continuing their newly discovered ability to dip into the 1960’s, DSO has once again recreated a 1969 Dead show. This one from 04/22/69 at The Ark in Boston, MA. This is the oldest set of Grateful Dead music DSO has ever performed in their 13 years together. Very cool, if you ask me. And weContinue reading “Weekend Flashback: DSO’s Farthest Journey Back In Time To Date”

Jerry Garcia Week 2010: Day 9 – Another Week Comes To A Close

It’s always fun for me to celebrate Jerry Garcia week. Even though it ends on the anniversary of his death (15 years ago now), it also ends with new discoveries of the man and his music and a healthy dose of revisits to some of my favorite memories. It’s an endless adventure and one IContinue reading “Jerry Garcia Week 2010: Day 9 – Another Week Comes To A Close”