Tony Curtis, Arthur Penn and Gloria Stewart: Saying Farewell To Three Generations…

This week has been a sad one. Two landmark actors and one landmark director (not to mention film editor Sally Menke, whom I wrote about earlier) have left us. While we know that this is the way of things and that these moments are inevitable, it still hits hard and the sadness and loss isContinue reading “Tony Curtis, Arthur Penn and Gloria Stewart: Saying Farewell To Three Generations…”

Goodbye, Sally Menke

Horrific and tragic. Film editor Sally Menke’s body was found at the bottom of a ravine in Griffith Park. She apparently left for a hike with her dog and never returned. This turned out to be on the hottest day in Los Angeles recorded history. Sally’s dog was also found, thankfully alive. No report yetContinue reading “Goodbye, Sally Menke”

Grateful Dead Go FURTHUR At The Greek

I’ve been listening here and there to this current incarnation of the Grateful Dead legacy; bits and pieces as they appear on and other sites. While I am already a fan of their newest lead guitarist John Kadlecik (of Dark Star Orchestra fame), I have found what I’d heard so far to be “interesting,”Continue reading “Grateful Dead Go FURTHUR At The Greek”

Kubrick’s FEAR AND DESIRE. The L.A. Screening

After a lifetime of waiting, I was finally able to catch up with a screening of Stanley Kubrick’s infamous first narrative feature film FEAR AND DESIRE. Made at the youthful age of 23, after having shot and directed a few short documentaries and having been a photographer for LOOK magazine for a number of years,Continue reading “Kubrick’s FEAR AND DESIRE. The L.A. Screening”

Every Country Has Its Own Rev. Terry Jones

Protests throughout the Middle-East condemning Reverend Terry Jones’ claim that he will burn copies of the Quran (which the Reverend then said he would not do and is now reconsidering again), have resulted in injuries and the stupidest of all responses, the burning of the American flag. Like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck’s followers, thereContinue reading “Every Country Has Its Own Rev. Terry Jones”

Doug Trumbull’s BEYOND THE INFINITE 2001 Doc

Being as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY is still, lo these many years later, my all-time favorite film, nothing could thrill me more than getting a sneak peak at effects wizard Douglas Trumbull’s new documentary on the making of 2001. This looks to be, from all reports, the quintessential behind-the scenes-documentary. The video trailerContinue reading “Doug Trumbull’s BEYOND THE INFINITE 2001 Doc”

The Ugly Americans: Reverend Jones & Friends

I’ll start out by saying that I’m thrilled to see so many people standing up to oppose Reverend Terry Jones’ intention to hold a “Burn A Quran Day” event on September 11th. In the face of the overwhelming ignorance, hatred and blatant religious and ethnic bigotry opposing the proposed building of an Islamic Community CenterContinue reading “The Ugly Americans: Reverend Jones & Friends”