Academy Award Noms 2010: The More Things Change…

Well, the 2010 Academy Award nominations are in. It’s pretty common for my personal favorites to get completely shut out or, at best, receive minimal attention. This year is no exception. I will say, however, that I’m not unhappy with many of the nominations. Many are quite deserving. But it always seems to be suchContinue reading “Academy Award Noms 2010: The More Things Change…”

A Band On Fire: Grateful Dead 12-27-77

As if this might be the last gig ever played, the members of the Grateful Dead took the stage at their ol’ familiar haunt, the Winterland Arena, on the evening of December 27th, 1977 and immediately burst into flames. To put it more sensibly (and without conjuring up Spinal Tap drummer imagery), Jerry and gangContinue reading “A Band On Fire: Grateful Dead 12-27-77”