Too Important To Cinema For The Oscars?

It seems the holy trinity awarded at the 2010 Governor’s Awards Ceremony for their lifetime achievements were only allowed to walk on stage at this year’s Oscars. But there was no time for a chat. Director/Producer Francis Ford Coppola, Actor Eli Wallach and Filmmaker/Historian Kevin Brownlow were all honored by the Academy at a Pre-OscarContinue reading “Too Important To Cinema For The Oscars?”

Favorite & Least Favorite Films Of 2010

I try to see as much as humanly possible of the films released in the U.S. each year before posting my Favorite & Least Favorite lists. Inevitably, there are always a handful of films I just can’t get to in time so I reserve the right to add them to this list as I seeContinue reading “Favorite & Least Favorite Films Of 2010”

Hollywood And The Golden Arches Of Mediocrity

As a writer and filmmaker, I have, for as long as I can remember, felt strongly about storytelling. I was also lucky enough to have grown into adulthood during the second golden age of cinema (the 1970’s). Therefore, my most cherished form of storytelling has been through movies. It is the medium that most speaksContinue reading “Hollywood And The Golden Arches Of Mediocrity”

America: Insanity Or Performance Art?

Egypt. Wisconsin. Union rights. The Anti-Christ. It seems Glenn Beck and Fox News are on the loose again. This time they’ve brought in a self-proclaimed prophet as “expert” on comparing Obama to the Anti-Christ and why the goings-on in Wisconsin are about the end of days and turning America into an Islamic state and notContinue reading “America: Insanity Or Performance Art?”

Sharing Coppola

As always, I’m on the lookout for comments, articles, interviews by writers, filmmakers, artists of all shapes and sizes, that inspire me, guide me, or simply make me think. I have endless respect and admiration for writer/director Francis Ford Coppola. Sure, there have been a few films over his long career that didn’t seem onContinue reading “Sharing Coppola”

THE PLAGUE Spreads To Italy

It’s always exciting to see a campaign to save one’s name and work reach the farthest shores. Since starting my campaign to make people aware that the film titled CLIVE BARKER’S THE PLAGUE —despite having my name attached as writer and director– was not, in fact, my film, word has spread far and wide andContinue reading “THE PLAGUE Spreads To Italy”

BARRY LYNDON, LOLITA & New Criterion Blu-ray Titles

The good news is Warner Brothers has finally set a date for releasing those wonderful as-yet-unreleased Kubrick Blu-ray titles, BARRY LYNDON and LOLITA. Two of my all-time favorite films! The bad news is that they are only available if you purchase the full STANLEY KUBRICK LIMITED EDITION BOX SET. Sure, we can expect them toContinue reading “BARRY LYNDON, LOLITA & New Criterion Blu-ray Titles”

Netflix Drops The Ball, Charging Extra For Blu-ray Rentals, But Not Acquiring Most Blu-ray Titles.

I have been a Netflix customer since they came into being. I have referred at least 50 people, probably more. I have given Netflix as gifts on more than one occasion. I am now considering leaving Netflix. What happened? Well, when Netflix started charging me more for Blu-rays, I was okay with it as theyContinue reading “Netflix Drops The Ball, Charging Extra For Blu-ray Rentals, But Not Acquiring Most Blu-ray Titles.”

Why Fight For A Director’s Cut Of A Low-Budget Horror Flick?

Every once in a while someone asks me that. And it’s a valid question. THE PLAGUE, even in my cut, is a flawed film. It was compromised before we shot a single frame and that’s the sad truth. But regardless, everyone involved –well, those who cared about the integrity of the film and its story,Continue reading “Why Fight For A Director’s Cut Of A Low-Budget Horror Flick?”