BARRY LYNDON, LOLITA & New Criterion Blu-ray Titles

The good news is Warner Brothers has finally set a date for releasing those wonderful as-yet-unreleased Kubrick Blu-ray titles, BARRY LYNDON and LOLITA. Two of my all-time favorite films! The bad news is that they are only available if you purchase the full STANLEY KUBRICK LIMITED EDITION BOX SET. Sure, we can expect them to eventually be offered for individual purchase, but will that even be this year? I understand that business is business, but these kind of things always feel a little smarmy to me. As someone who has ALREADY PAID FOR THOSE OTHER TITLES, I should be rewarded, not scorned for having made those purchases earlier as opposed to later. I supported Warner Brothers and the Blu-ray format when it was still new! Now, I either need to repurchase those titles again, or wait an indefinite amount of time because I chose to support them in the beginning. Again, there’s just something icky about that business model to me.

Back to some good news!

Criterion has just announced their new Blu-ray slate for May and the titles I’m personally most excited about are Andrei Tarkovsky’s SOLARIS, Ingmar Bergman’s SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT, Henri-Georges Clouzot’s DIABOLIQUE, Chaplin’s THE GREAT DICTATOR and Jonathan Demme’s SOMETHING WILD. Check the Criterion web site for more!

BARRY LYNDON, LOLITA & New Criterion Blu-ray Titles

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