America: Insanity Or Performance Art?

Egypt. Wisconsin. Union rights. The Anti-Christ.

It seems Glenn Beck and Fox News are on the loose again. This time they’ve brought in a self-proclaimed prophet as “expert” on comparing Obama to the Anti-Christ and why the goings-on in Wisconsin are about the end of days and turning America into an Islamic state and not about union rights after all. And while we’ve all gotten used to this kind of rhetoric being tossed about on a daily basis and shaking our collective heads at the absurdity of it all –so much so that we barely notice it anymore– there are more than a few people out there taking all this nonsense very seriously. After all, Fox News brought in an “expert!”

And while 35% of those polled in New Jersey either believe or are willing to consider the possibility that Obama is the Anti-Christ, Rachel Maddow, as always, has a rather enlightened take on the whole affair.

America: Insanity Or Performance Art?

One thought on “America: Insanity Or Performance Art?

  1. Insanity or performance art was right on and to the point. When Glenn Beck showed up on CNN with his own show I had never heard of him. I
    did learn that he was a recovering alcoholic-addict and I listened to him
    talk about addiction and recovery. So, when I finally got a chance to listen
    to politics I was shocked by the extremism compared to the likes of Morrow, Cronkite, Harris of CNN the reporting was vulgar, it lacked civility, and made no attempt at objectivity. Fox and people like Beck
    have their own agenda. They make a lot of money! Their shows are
    well controlled. All the shows that have call-ins screen callers. I never
    heard of caller getting “Rush”, Beck to consider another’s opinion. I
    never watch the news anymore. If the racist and the segergationist of the
    past had had these guys and news channels like Fox civil rights would have been a very difficult fight. These journalist and talk show host who
    are trying to wake up America to their conservativism think they are
    Grand Funk Railroad! They behave, think and believe that they can say
    anything! Do anything!

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