Nuclear Responses: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Let’s see, after decades of trying to get the people “in charge” to rid the world of nuclear energy and replace it with other forms of energy as well as putting both time and money into developing newer, safer forms of energy, we find ourselves in the midst of the greatest global nuclear disaster sinceContinue reading “Nuclear Responses: Two Sides Of The Same Coin”

Happy 71st Birthday, Phil Lesh!

What better way to celebrate Phil’s birthday than with a taste of the man’s work from just day’s ago. Here’s the first part of THE OTHER ONE, with terrific sound and video quality, showcasing Phil’s always startling and thrilling bass work. This just shows that the man and the band have never been better. ThisContinue reading “Happy 71st Birthday, Phil Lesh!”

Ben Gazzara, 80, Talks HUSBANDS, Career.

Last Saturday night (March 12, 2011) at the Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles, Ben Gazzara, now a vigorous age 80, took the stage for a Q&A before a screening of the Cassavetes-directed film, HUSBANDS. Gazzara was, despite a head cold, articulate, funny, gracious and still full of just the right amountContinue reading “Ben Gazzara, 80, Talks HUSBANDS, Career.”

Eyes Wide: In Memory Of Stanley Kubrick

It was 12 years ago today that one of the greatest filmmakers of all time died. On March 7, 1999, Stanley Kubrick, just weeks before the release of what would be his final film, went to sleep and never woke up again. I can say with absolute conviction that my approach to film, my love,Continue reading “Eyes Wide: In Memory Of Stanley Kubrick”

Mike Huckabee vs. America (and Natalie Portman). Who Will Win?

This is what possible Republican candidates have been reduced to: either they pander to the least-educated, racist, conspiracy-nuts, or they simply don’t stand a chance. Mike Huckabee has recently received some flack from the left (and any sane individuals remaining on the right) for not only misrepresenting President Obama as having been raised in KenyaContinue reading “Mike Huckabee vs. America (and Natalie Portman). Who Will Win?”