Kubrick’s Letter, Vitali’s Memory & BARRY LYNDON’s Perfection

Ever since Stanley Kubrick’s BARRY LYNDON found its way to Blu-ray disc in what has to be the best this film has ever looked since its initial projection in 35mm, there has been wild debate as to the proper aspect ratio of LYNDON as per Kubrick’s intent. It appears that this debate is endless andContinue reading “Kubrick’s Letter, Vitali’s Memory & BARRY LYNDON’s Perfection”

Spielberg Comes To His Digital Senses

Anyone who knows me knows I find digital alterations of older films sacrilege. While I fully support director’s cuts of films and the opportunity for a filmmaker to finally show the world the work he or she intended, I am equally adamant that once a film is out there, once it has been consumed byContinue reading “Spielberg Comes To His Digital Senses”